Skin Care Trend: Serum Cocktails

Skin Care Trend: Serum Cocktails

One of the hottest skin care trends in Asia is quickly making waves in the United States. The skin care trend combining serums to create a sort of cocktail of products to use together an in conjunction with one another is serving a great purpose. The outcome? Hydrated, clearer skin with a dash of fabulous! Lionesse Giveaway would like to take you behind the scenes of the hottest skin care trend to hit America, and educate you on the various products you can use, as well as what they will do for your skin.

Woman applying serum on her face.

Hydration, Dark Spot Correction, and Anti-Aging
For those who need a dose of hydration, along with some skin brightening and dark spot lightening as well as anti-aging properties, this is a fantastic way to get all three in one. Simply combine your favorite choice serums, such as an oil based serum for hydration as is very popular in Korea, a watery-type anti-aging product based, and lotion-like pore serum to target large pores and dark spots, and you’ve got yourself a cocktail that will knock your socks off. These products, when combined together, will be intensified, and provide you with smooth, beautiful skin that is well hydrated, brightened, and gives you a youthful appearance in no time. As an added tip: massage the serums into the face all at once, and focus on pressure points if possible. The massaging technique will stimulate the inner skin’s core and structure, generating the production of new skin cells and forming a healthy layer of skin.

Woman looking at her pimple in the mirror.

Anti-Aging, Hydration, and Acne Scars
For those who are in need of a dose of hydration, anti-aging properties, and an acne scar correcting regimen, try mixing together a concoction of an oil based serum for hydration, such as Vitamin E or Olive Oil based serums, a watery based anti-aging serum infused with botanicals and minerals, and a serum such as Kate Somerville’s D-Scar for acne scars, blend them all together, and apply in small circles in a massaging like motion.

Woman applying a concealer to hide her under eye circles.

Under Eye Circles and Redness
If you are one of the unfortunate ladies who deals with dark under eye circles, whether genetic or brought on by other conditions such as not getting enough sleep, dehydration, or otherwise, and redness across the cheeks, you know all too well how difficult it can be to treat this problem. To combat this malady, try mixing together First Aid Beauty’s Anti-Redness Serum and Medik8 Pre-Tox Eye Lift’s under eye serum together into a cocktail, and apply by dotting onto the under eye area and across the cheeks. Allow the serum to dry before applying any moisturizers or cosmetic products.

Final Notes
The women of Korea believe in a strict skin care regimen, and always seem to have beautiful skin without fail. Perhaps, here in the Western world, we could take some lessons from these gorgeous women and implement some of these serum cocktails into our own skin care regimens for daily use. As an added tip: never rub serums into the skin or use any abrasive force or motions. Instead, dot the serums onto the skin, allowing to dry thoroughly for maximum benefit and effect.

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    I was recently at the ex at the show pavilion as I call it and one of the gals from the lionesse. Booth asked me what I used for eye cream. I told her and convinced me to have a seat and let her apply this eye scrub?/ cream? I should of paid better attention I guess. I really did not think it would make a difference BUT was I WRONG!!!!!! I guess the price set me back a little to be honest I left the booth asking for a card ,boy oh boy my one eye felt lifted and rejuvenated I have never felt anything like it!!!!!! It would be wonderful to win any of your products. Truly amazing. If that was how my eye felt I can’t wonder how my skin would feel using any of these products,!!!!!! Sorry to be so long winded,but I believe everyone should experience what I did.

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