Skip These Hair Loss Pittfalls

Skip These Hair Loss Pittfalls

Hair loss isn’t something that’s talked about often, but we all hope it’s not something we have to deal with in our lives.  Since we know you don’t want to fall into anything that could cause hair loss (either do we!), we did a little research to find out what the common hair loss pitfalls are to share with you so you can’t avoid them!

Not Eating Enough Protein
The American Academy of Dermatology has found that when you don’t eat enough protein in your diet on a consistent basis your body can stop hair growth from occurring.  When your hair isn’t growing, as your body goes through the natural shedding cycle it begins to look and feel like hair loss.  Protein helps your body to function properly and gives your body what it needs, if you do start to cut back on protein too much you can start to experience hair loss in just a couple of months’ time.  Even if you’re not someone who eats meat, it’s crucial that you’re getting your necessary protein intake from other sources.  Most people don’t eat enough protein, so evaluate your diet and see where you could need to up your protein a bit so you can avoid this pitfall.

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You’re Too Stressed
Both physical and emotional stress has been found to be major pitfalls that can cause hair loss to occur.  The reason being is when your body undergoes a large amount of stress, it puts the hair growth cycle in a spin (or throws it off) and instead of continuing to grow it can get stuck in the phase of shedding resulting in hair loss.  While often this type of hair loss isn’t permanent, it’s still important that you minimize stress in your life.  Since we do live in a very high-stress world, and we can go through different emotional and physical struggles it’s important to get into a routine of finding some healthy outlets for dealing with stress to avoid as much trauma to your body as possible.

Overdoing it with Hairstyling
This is something that not many people talk about, likely because we don’t want to believe straightening or styling our hair daily can actually have a negative long  term effect on our hair.  However, experts have found that there’s such a thing as over-styling your hair.  Typically hair loss caused by over styling is caused by salon grade hair treatments, braiding too tightly, and other chemical based treatments.  While they’re fine to do in moderation, it can be when you over-do-it that you can experience some issues that can result in hair loss.  It’s really important that you avoid this pitfall by having a healthy balance with styling your hair.  Whether you see a hairstylist or not, make sure you’re not pushing your hair to its limits in an unhealthy way.  Giving your hair a break from styling, chemical treatments, and other hair treatments can be a great way to avoid this pitfall.

Have you fallen into a hair loss pitfall?  What was your experience?

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