Smelling Fresh When It’s Hot

Smelling Fresh When It’s Hot

If we’re being completely honest, we’re all a little worried we don’t smell so fresh when it’s really hot outside.  In the summer heat, we tend to sweat more, and most of us are concerned we do also not smell our best.  Its ok, it happens to us all!  But you’re especially cautious if you’ve ever had a time when someone said something to you about it, or noticed yourself you didn’t smell so fresh.  To help you smell fresh when it’s hot out we did a little searching to find out what we can do to smell fresh.

The Obvious
Ok so while it may be obvious, we had to mention the basics of keeping up with you hygiene.  Since there’s been a rise in knowledge as it comes to not washing your hair every day for your hair’s health, it’s not to be mistaken as not bathing daily.  If you feel you do not smell as fresh as you’d like, try taking showers where you’re just washing your body to get a little extra boost of cleanliness.  Additionally, applying deodorant goes without saying however some experts actually suggest applying deodorant two times per day.  Most often we just hear or think to apply deodorant when we’re getting ready for the day but many suggest applying in the morning and at night can make a big difference as it relates to our sweat production and overall scent.

Watch What You Eat
Since you do sweat more when it’s hot out, what you eat can become more pronounced.  You know that saying, you are what you eat?  Well it’s actually pretty literal.  We’ve found that what you eat can have a major effect on your body odor, actually coming out in your sweat/pores.  While there are some foods that can actually make you sweat more (like spicy foods), it’s more about the types of foods that have pronounced scents that can make a big effect on your smelling fresh (or lack of).  Garlic and onions are most known for affecting the way a person’s body odor smells.  If you find that you do not smell as fresh as you’d like see where you can cut back on those types of items.  Additionally, fast food and/or greasy foods (plus excessive amounts of alcohol) tend to have in impact on our scent so try avoiding those in the hot weather as well.

Wear Breathable Fabrics
Since body odor is often the result of excessive sweating in hot weather, its worth noting that our clothes can also cause us to sweat more especially in the heat.  When you wear fabrics that aren’t breathable it can trap your skin and cause it to sweat even more.  So instead of wearing a lot of synthetic fabrics that can trap the heat and sweat, opt for fabrics that allow your skin to breathe more easily.

Do you find you sweat or have more body odor in the heat?  What do you feel is the cause?

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