Soothing Sore & Tired Muscles

Soothing Sore & Tired Muscles

If you work out, or you’ve done something physically that your body isn’t used to it is typically a guarantee that you’ll feel some sore or tiredness in your muscles.  While it’s part of the way our bodies work, it doesn’t mean it’s fun!  If you’ve ever had those days where you can barely walk or lift your arms up because you’re so sore you know it makes the days a little more challenging.  Many times we feel like we just have to suck it up and deal with the discomfort to pass, but you might not have to!  We’ve found some tips for soothing sore and tired muscles to help you the next time you’re sore.

Enlist the help of the foam roller
Foam rollers have recently gained a lot of popularity, and with good reason.  They’ve quickly grown to become known as a tool that helps prevent and soothe muscle soreness in a really powerful way.  Foam rollers are known for increasing blood flow in the body and helping to get a deeper stretch in areas of the body that are sore.  If you’re interested in learning more about how to use foam rollers, there is a ton of great resources that lay out how to use them to help with muscle soreness.  Foam rollers are known for giving similar results as getting a massage, but if you’re not really about getting a foam roller and known the techniques involved in using it properly you can book yourself a massage to get similar results.

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Increase your protein intake
The truth is, most of us aren’t truly getting enough protein in our diets, especially when/if you work out on a regular basis.  But when you’ve done something that strained your muscles and caused them to become tired and/or sore, it’s really important that you make sure you get enough protein into your body.  Protein is known to truly help repair your muscles and aid in helping your body build muscle.  Many experts have said that eating/drinking protein after a diet helps the body to have the nutrients it needs to avoid a lot of soreness or tired feeling in the muscles.

Get some heat  
When you’re injured or have a lot of swelling in certain areas of your body, you know that applying ice is crucial for the healing process.  However, when your muscles are sore or feeling tired experts suggest applying heat to those areas.  This is why hot tubs or warm baths are known to be really great for soothing muscles in these types of situations.  If you don’t have access to a bathtub or hot tub nearby, using heating pads is also a great way to get the soothing benefits from heat.  Heat helps to soften your muscles, and promotes them to relax and not be so tight.

Additionally, it’s suggested to allow your body to rest if you feel a lot of soreness and tiredness in your body.  Try not to push yourself too much!

What works for you for soothing sore and tired muscles?

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