Steps to Pore Refining

Steps to Pore Refining

We all want gorgeous, glowing, clear skin – right?  Right!  The state of our skin’s health and pores highly depends on the appearance of our skin.  There’s a lot of talk and buzz around refining pores and so many new skin care products coming out to refine your pores.  But what does it actually take to refine your pores?  We’re sharing our must-know steps to help you refine your pores, starting today!

Cleanse, Cleanse, Cleanse
Cleansing your skin is crucial to your skin’s health, and your pore’s health.  It’s incredibly important that you make it a habit to cleanse your skin twice a day, once when you wake up and once before heading to bed.  This will help eliminate dirt and build up throughout the time between cleansing and give your skin the fresh start it needs.  Keeping skin clean will definitely make a difference in the appearance of your pores.

Get on the Exfoliation Train
Exfoliating is another super important step to refining your pores.  Make it a habit to exfoliate your skin two to three times per week.  This will help eliminate any dead skin cells, and really give you a deep clean of your skin.  Not only will it help with the overall appearance of your skin but over time, it can help minimize the appearance of your pores as well.

One immediate step you can take to refining your pores is in your makeup routine.  Adding a primer under your foundation is a major makeup trick to minimize the appearance of pores.  Most primers are designed to even out the surface of your skin, filling in pores and fine lines.  Which is why it helps minimize the appearance of your pores when applied under your foundation, so if you’re looking for a step that’s immediate in results, this is a must do.

Remove Your Makeup EVERY Night
You’ve heard it a thousand times, but seriously remove the makeup!  Every night, too.  Leaving your makeup on overnight is a quick way to clog your pores, and cause the reverse desired outcome to happen.  Even when you’re super tired and just want to get to bed, make sure you stay up just a couple more minutes to remove your makeup.  Your pores will thank you since they’ll be given a break and it will definitely help your skin over time.

The essential steps to skin care apply to everyone, but are especially important when you have skin concerns you’re looking to fix.  Remember that the way you take care of your skin is crucial to your skin’s health and overall appearance.  If you’re feeling frustrated with your pores and feel like they need some refining, start incorporating these steps to start the process of refining.  Just like any other skin concerns, it’s not going to be an overnight fix (other than the primer trick!), so be patient and trust that as you take care of your skin it will heal and start to adapt to itself in a healthy way.

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