Stimulate A Healthy Glow With A Facial Massage

Stimulate A Healthy Glow With A Facial Massage

Do you want to get that healthy glow so many of us are constantly seeking? We’re right there with you. You’ve probably tried quite a few different skin care products and treatments seeking out that healthy glow we all desire. While using quality skin care products that are catering to your skin’s specific type does play a huge role in obtaining that healthy glow, there are some other things that you can do to get that glow into your skin. You can actually stimulate a healthy glow with a facial massage, yes we said a facial massage. Before you wonder what we’re actually talking about, keep reading because you know we’re sharing all the details.

While we’re typically talking about the fact that you shouldn’t be touching your skin, facial massage is a different type of touching that’s been found to give some pretty glowing results to those that incorporate it into their routine. Experts on this topic often refer to the fact that our facial area is loaded with a TON of pressure points that are said to help with other ailments that we may be dealing with throughout our bodies that could also be preventing us from having that glowing skin. Typically when we think of a massage we think that we need to make an appointment with a professional to reap the benefits. However, with facial massages it’s quite different. Facial massages are treatments that we’re able to do in the comfort of our own home, and do ourselves!

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So why do facial massages help to stimulate a healthy glow? Gently massaging the skin, and getting to those pressure points that are located throughout our faces helps to increase circulation in the skin. In addition to increasing circulation, facial massage has also been found to help firm and tighten the skin on the areas we’re massaging, as well as help with lymph flow in the body. All of these things combined also help our skin to better absorb any skin care products that we apply on a consistent basis. Not to mention, all of these benefits help your skin to function better and be much healthier – giving you that healthy glow you’ve been seeking to obtain yourself.

Of course, just like with any type of DIY treatment you do want to make sure you’re doing it the correct way to really make sure that you’re able to reap the benefits of the process. For starters, experts suggest that you always have your hands warm when going about a facial massage. Additionally, you’re not going to want to use severe pressure, instead focus on gentle (at the most) to medium pressure when massaging your facial area. Because too much pulling and roughness on your skin can cause reverse results to occur, it’s suggested to make sure you’re not actually dragging or stretching the skin when massaging. Of course, don’t forget to make sure that your hands have been thoroughly cleansed before touching your face!

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