Stop Dust And Air Particles From Drying Out Your Skin

Stop Dust And Air Particles From Drying Out Your Skin

Dry skin got you down? It’s never fun dealing with dry skin, especially this time of year when we’re experiencing more natural moisture in the air it can be a bit frustrating to know why you have more dryness in your skin. the fact is dust and air particles can be the culprit that’s causing your dry skin, and these are indoor issues. While many of us spend time focusing on the outdoor elements we’re exposed to, we often forget that there are indoor elements that can have a negative effect on our skin. If this is something you’re struggling with, we found some tips on how to stop dust and air particles from drying out your skin.

Make Ventilation a Priority
The thing about dust and air particles is they’re often pretty trapped indoors, one of the best things you can to do stop them from drying out your skin is really getting serious about ventilation in your indoor areas. Exhaust hoods, fans, etc are all great ways to incorporate ventilation in your indoor areas. The best part is these are pretty easy to incorporate, too! Whenever you’re using cleaning products, or cleaning in general you’re likely to stir up a lot of the dust and air particles that are indoors so these are crucial times to make sure you have proper ventilation going on. In addition, don’t forget about when you’re cooking or using products like hair spray or disinfectant sprays indoors. All of those products and activities can stir up and create more dust/air particles in the air. See why ventilation is so important?

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Step Up Your Cleaning Process
Cleaning isn’t the most glamorous thing, but it’s something that we all do and make a priority (hopefully). While we all work to stay clean and clean our indoor spaces, there’s often quite a bit that gets missed in the day to day cleaning routine that can keep dust and air particles trapped in your indoor spaces. Experts suggest dusting consistently and often, along with vacuuming. Both of these steps in your cleaning routine will need to be the most thorough because they’re both steps that really help to eliminate the dust and air particles from the space the most. Some suggest using dusters that are electrostatically charged to really make sure you’re picking up all and any dust that’s accumulated in your space. In addition to cleaning your typical areas of your home, you may want to rethink the way that you’re cleaning your sheets and blankets. These are also items that tend to accumulate a lot of dust and air particles. It’s suggested that the best way to get them clean and free of these elements is to use hot temperature water when washing them.

By incorporating these habits and routines, you will be able to eliminate a lot of the dust and air particles that are in the indoor areas you spend time in. When you minimize the number of these elements, your skin will be much less dry because they’re not going to be impacted by them so severely.

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