Styling Short Hair With A Clipless Curling Iron

Styling Short Hair With A Clipless Curling Iron

If you’re a short-haired beauty, you know that styling your hair is different than those with long hair.  Not that one is better than the other, they’re just different because the length of hair is significantly different.  Using hair styling tools like clipless curling irons can be tricky, and even a little intimidating when you have short hair.  We did a little searching and discovered some of the tips to follow if you want to style your short hair with a clipless curling iron and we’re bringing them all to you so you can use them!

Decide What Kind of Curl You Want
Before you get started with any curled hairstyle you need to figure out what types of curls you want to actually create in your hair.  Tight?  Loose?  It’s up to you but know before you get started so you can style your hair accordingly.

Prep Your Hair
Of course, like with any hair length and type you need to prep your hair before you do any curling with any type of curling iron.  Use a heat protectant product on your hair and make sure your hair is completely dry before starting anything with a curling iron.

Get Started
Now that you’ve done the above steps it’s time to get started with the styling with your clipless curling iron.  Start with the bottom layer of your hair (pin up the top layers) and start taking sections of hair based on the size curls you want to create to wrap around your hair.  Depending on how tight you want the curls, hold the hair around the clipless curling iron for a few seconds or longer (the longer you hold it the tighter the curls will be).  It’s suggested that you don’t use the curling iron all the way to the top of your hair (at your scalp) or all the way to the bottom.  Leaving a little of the ends of your hair straight will help make your hair appear a little longer, since adding curls does tend to lose a little length in the hair.  Once you do this to the bottom layer, complete it until you do all the layers of your hair.  If you’re nervous to be using a clipless curling iron with short hair, investing in a protectant glove can definitely be worth it until you get more comfortable using the curling iron with shorter hair.

Finishing Steps
Once you’ve curled all of your hair, running your fingers through the curls once they’ve cooled will help to break them up a bit.  Finish the look with a mist of hairspray and you’re done!

It doesn’t have to be super difficult curling short hair with a clipless curling iron.  Primarily keeping in mind how tight you want the curls, and leaving a little of the ends straighter can be great little tricks to helping you get the curled hairstyle without overdoing the curls.

Have you found any tricks to styling short hair with a clipless curling iron?

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