Styling Tips for Mini Flat Irons

Styling Tips for Mini Flat Irons

Styling your hair with flat irons has always been known as a great way to create a flawlessly straight hairstyle fairly simply.  We’ve seen the standard flat irons, but recently mini flat irons have really made a splash on the scene.  Leaving many women thinking – what are we supposed to do with these?  Since we’re used to a full-sized flat iron a mini flat iron can seem odd because it’s, well, mini.  However, these little mini flat irons can be really handy to use when styling your hair and we’re going to go through some of our favorite ways to use a mini flat iron to get you started.

Touch Ups
Since mini flat irons are… mini, they’re actually really great tools to use for touching up your hair.  With the size being so small you’re really able to get close to your scalp much easier when using it, and they’re great for styling bangs with.  Additionally, if you just want to quickly touch up your hair before heading out for the night a mini flat iron can do the trick really easily for you.  Since they’re so small most of the time they don’t take very long to heat up (not as long as your typical flat iron, anyways), so you can get some heated hair styling in a short amount of time allowing you to head out of the door that much quicker.  So really whether you need it just to touch up a few hard to reach pieces, or you need to do a touch up throughout the day these mini flat irons are the touchup must-haves for the ladies rocking the straight hair.

Create Tighter Curls
We’ve talked about ways to use flat irons to create curls (that’s right, they’re not just used to create a straight hairstyle!), and you can do the SAME thing with a mini flat iron.  The only difference is with a mini flat iron, you’re able to create even tighter curls because the size is so much smaller.  Doing the same method of twisting the hair around the flat iron (just like you do with a curling iron), is the easiest way to create a curled hairstyle.  Keep in mind, curling your hair with a mini flat iron will create very tight curls so you’re likely going to want to brush them out a bit once you’ve curled them.  You can even then use the flat iron in the traditional sense, loosely, to straighten out the curls a bit once you’ve created them.

While the long, thick hair ladies are probably thinking mini flat irons have no place for them – many hair experts disagree.  Since they function just like a traditional flat iron and get just as hot as most, you’re really able to use them regardless of your hair’s length and weight.  If you’re looking for a great tool that has multiple uses and great for doing little touch ups, you may want to consider getting yourself a mini flat iron!

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