Stylish Ways To Incorporate Mules Into Your Wardrobe

Stylish Ways To Incorporate Mules Into Your Wardrobe

This fall season has been filled with so many different fashion trends, from the trends that were anticipated to those that caught us by surprised…it’s filled with a lot of stylish options.  Of course, as women most of us can agree we love shoes.  Typically, when Fall comes around on the calendar we all start to take out our boots for the season, which tend to be our go-to shoes for most of the Fall and Winter.  But this season we have quite a few different shoe options that took us a bit by surprise…especially the mule trend.  We’re sharing stylish ways to incorporate mules into your wardrobe, because you may be seeking a little style inspiration!

The Open Toe Mule
For those of you who can and love to rock high heels on a regular basis, the open toe mule is for you.  Open toe mules have been in a wide range of options, from the more formal satin mules to casual options in suede – there’s a lot to choose from.  Again, think about where you think you’re going to be wearing your mules.  If you have a special occasion coming up it could be a fun opportunity to go with a more formal mule option.  But if you’re looking for more of  an everyday shoe, opt for something that will fit in with your everyday style a little better.  There are SO many different colors of mules, make sure you choose a color that fits in with your wardrobe – but also makes a little bit of a statement because it’s such a fun shoe trend, why go incognito?

flat mule

The Flat Mule
So many ladies who just can’t make the high heels happen on a regular basis, have felt a little bad about it.  Unfortunately, there haven’t been a ton of options when it comes to cute and trend flat shoe options, but this season that changed.  The flat mule ‘slide’ shoe has been referred to as the ‘it’ shoe of the season…yes a flat shoe!  They’re a great way to add a stylish twist to any outfit.  We suggest getting a color/texture in the mule that’s really versatile for your existing wardrobe.  Pair the flat mules with cropped jeans or cropped dress pants to the office, you’re sure to make a statement and be comfortable.

The Closed Toe Stacked Mule
Another great option for the ladies who love heels has to be the mules that are closed toed with more of a stacked heel on them.  They’re great because a stacked heel is always more comfortable than a stiletto, and with the closed toe you’re not going to need to worry about wearing tights or something as the temperatures drop.  For this option, we’re all about either going with a neutral that you can wear with everything in your wardrobe or going for a more bold color that really stands out.  It’s really all about choosing the color and option that you’re excited about.  Because the more excited you are for it, the more you’ll wear it!

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