Summer Maxi & Midi Style

Summer Maxi & Midi Style

During the summer, as women, we really just want to dress in a way that’s cute, comfortable, and easy.  Maxi dresses and skirts have been around for a few years now, but every year we’re drawn to wearing them in a little bit of a different way.  Styles change, plus we want to switch things up!  This season we don’t just have the return of maxis but also the rise in popularity of the midi dress/skirt style.  Both are really fun, fashionable, and easy to wear.  So naturally, we’re sold on the style.  If you’re not quite sure how to rock these skirt/dress styles we’re sharing some of our favorite tips to help you rock these trends like a true fashionista!

It’s All About the Shoe
With midi style dresses and skirts the shoe you wear with it really makes or breaks the look.  Because the length is longer it can shorten your leg line pretty easily, which means you’ll want to contradict the shortening with a shoe.  You can do this either with a neutral color shoe or by adding a heel to give you a little height and elongate your shape.  Avoiding wearing a shoe that’s really heavy in appearance as  it can add bulk and essentially make you look shorter/really bring you down.

Don’t Get Lost
Since both dress/ skirt styles are longer, it can be easy for you to get lost in them if they’re loosely fit.  Instead, try to look for options that fit on your body (they don’t have to be skin tight), so that we can see the outline of your body.  When clothes are too loose it tends to add weight and bulk to your shape that you don’t have.  If it’s a dress aim for one that has some definition at your waist so that it helps you to create a shape and not just drowned in fabric.  If you’re working with skirts, try wearing a cropped style top or tucking the top into the skirt so that you’re still accentuating your waistline and creating that shape.

Keep it Easy
The great thing about skirts and dresses is they’re really easy and comfortable to wear and look put together, when they fit your body properly.  It’s often an instinct to make the outfits more complicated and wanting to add a lot of layers and accessories to create an outfit, but it’s summertime and these styles are really all about keeping it simple this season.  Choose a focal point of your body or outfit and have that be where the details are and keep the rest simple.  This will help to make sure that you’re not being overwhelmed by your clothes and it makes getting dressed much easier.  If you choose a dress that’s an all-over pattern/print then really make sure that the rest of your accessories and shoes are neutral and simple to keep it easy.  With skirts, avoid layering too much.

Will you be rocking the maxi and midi styles this season?

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