Tapered Wand VS Regular Wand

Tapered Wand VS Regular Wand

Among women who are out to produce luxuriously beautiful curls in their hair, you will find great numbers who swear by each type of heated curling tool. They’re both capable of helping you to create gorgeous curls, but the distinction extends beyond the two having different names, and for anyone in the market to purchase the heated curling wand that will give them the performance and results they desire, it’s recommended that they understand the different elements of each tool first.

Basic Distinctions Between the Two Wands
In a general overview of both wand styles, there are certain distinctions that emerge more prominently than others. For one thing, a tapered wand comes designed without any clips to secure the hair, which might initially require a little practice in using, but a nice byproduct is that your curls will never have those telltale indentations from clip marks that usually occur frequently when using a regular wand. Tapered wands, by virtue of the simpler design, simply heat up more rapidly, which gets you out and going faster. On the side of using a regular wand, though, you can expect a better overall finish when you use one. The curls it produces are smoother and shinier throughout, than those (quicker curls) made by using a tapered wand. Those gentle, unassuming beachy curls that are so popular are almost always the effect of using a tapered wand.

Tapered Wand Specifics
Due to the fact that you have no clips by which you can secure the hair, you will need to use your fingers to hold the strand of hair in place, and do it without burning yourself. Start out by holding the wand’s handle with your dominant hand. Then, with your other hand, grab a suitably sized strand of hair. (And at this point, some people have found that wearing close-fitting fabric gloves is a real benefit, in preventing burned fingers.) Take that strand of hair and beginning at the root, wrap the full length of the strand around and around the wand, all the way to as close as you can get to the tip. Hold it in place for about five seconds. Then, gently slide the wand back out from the curled section and allow to cool completely before doing anything else to the freshly curled strand.

Using a Regular Wand
The technique differs from the one above, when you use a regular wand to curl your hair. The clip component allows you to secure the strand of hair to the wand at the beginning, to start. One procedure begins at the root, with the hair clamped to the wand, gently and slowly pull the wand down the entire length of your hair strand, curling it as you go. The other procedure involves your clamping the tip ends of each strand with the wand clip and rolling the wand toward the root area, curling or wrapping the strand around the wand as you move upward. A longer hold time is needed here–usually about twice as long. And no gloves are needed, because of the clamp, although you’ll still need to exercise wise caution.

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