Ten Minutes to Great Hair

Ten Minutes to Great Hair

If you’re pressed for time first thing in the morning, and need to come up with a cute, presentable hairstyle to wear for the day, Lionesse has just the article you need to read. This article features some simplistic styles that anyone can achieve in only 10 minutes, no matter what your hair type.

Flat Ironed Style
If your hair is just a tad bit messy, think bed head, this style would be perfect for you to achieve in only 10 minutes. Plug in your flat iron, spritz on some heat protectant spray, and get to work. You should be able to flat iron your entire head in 10 minutes or less, no matter if your hair is long or short.

A ponytail is a great way to get your hair off of your neck, and go on about your day. This is probably the simplest style we can offer you as advice. Opt for a mid-setting, meaning somewhere in between the top of the head and the bottom of the head to get the perfect, sleek look. Smooth on some serum across the top of your hair to tame any flyaways, and you’re off.

A wavy style can be done in a couple of different ways. If your hair is damp the night before, braid your hair in a couple of braids before going to sleep, and simply wake up, remove the braids, and go. You can also achieve a waved look using a curling wand with some quick waves put into place, spraying with some hair spray, and going. Or, you could take damp hair, scrunch with a bit of mousse, and allow it to air dry.

Woman with a bun hairstyle

Second to a ponytail, a bun is an extremely easy style to create in ten minutes or less. You can opt for many different bun styles – there’s really no right or wrong way. As an example, you can braid your hair in a three strand common braid, and then wrap it into a bun style. Or, you can create a low chignon type style, pinning in place with bobby pins to secure.

Braided Style
If you’ve got 10 minutes, a braided style can be just the thing you need. You can create a dutch braid in about 5 minutes, and it’s super simple. Simply part the hair down the middle, secure one side with an elastic, and braid the other loose side into a three strand braid, securing that with an elastic. Repeat the same with the other side after removing the elastic. Then, crisscross the braids one in front of the other around the front of your head. Pin in place behind the ears, hiding the ends of the braids. Secure with enough bobby pins to hold your style throughout the day, and smooth frizz with some hair serum. Simple, cute, and summery – this style is perfect for a busy day.

Creating a quick hairstyle doesn’t take much – just a few minutes and creativity. We hope you’ve enjoyed these helpful hair ideas and tips as much as we had in writing them for you. The next time you are pressed for time, think about one of these styles as your go-to quick fix.

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