The Best Hairbrush For Your Style And Texture

The Best Hairbrush For Your Style And Texture

What process did you take when choosing your last hairbrush? Ok, we realize that the average person doesn’t spend a whole lot of time thinking about the attributes of their hairbrush when purchasing the hair styling tool. Hairbrushes are tools that we all use and have on hand, but truthfully don’t spend enough time considering when it comes to how they’re really going to benefit our hair and its needs. Before you ask, yes, there are certain types of hairbrushes that are better than others for your hair’s texture and style. We have some tips on finding the best hairbrush for your style and texture to get you started on your new and improved hairbrush journey.

Fine, Short Hair
Ladies with fine, short hair shouldn’t use the same types of hairbrushes as ladies with thick hair. Experts suggest that one of the best types of hairbrushes for fine, short hair are brushes that are a ‘vent’ style. Since your hair is short and fine, you don’t need a brush with a big surface area. In fact, using a brush with too much surface area can be a bit too much for your hair. Opt for something smaller with wider bristles to get the most out of your hairbrush.

Fine, Long Hair
If you have fine hair, but a bit more length than what we mentioned above, you’ll want to make some minor adjustments to your brush type. It’s suggested that when you have fine hair that’s medium to long in length the best hairbrush type to use is a brush made with natural bristles with balled ends. This type of brush is often referred to as a paddle brush, because you want something that has a bit more surface area than the fine, short haired ladies.

Normal, Average hair
When your hair texture is normal, meaning it’s not fine  and not super thick regardless of the length of your hair you can generally use the same type of brush. The best hairbrush for normal, or average hair texture is a bristle brush without balled ends. This type of brush is said to be best for this hair type as it’s not too rough or too gentle on your hair and helps to evenly distribute the natural oils in the hair.

Thick, Long Hair
Notice there are minor adjustments to make based on your hair’s texture and style. If you have thick, long hair, it’s suggested that the best hairbrush type for you is something that’s larger in surface area to cover more ground when brushing. Additionally, opting for a brush that contains a mixture of boar bristles and nylon are going to give you the best care for your hair when brushes.

Curly Hair
We didn’t forget about our curly haired ladies! If you have curly hair, regardless of your hair’s length most experts suggest that you shouldn’t use an actual hairbrush for your hair. Instead, opting for a wide toothed comb is going to give your curls a chance to embrace their natural shape and prevent a lot of damage.

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