The Best Time of Day To Exercise

The Best Time of Day To Exercise

Whether you exercise regularly, want to get into a routine, or have it as a New Year’s resolution for yourself you can agree that exercise is an important thing for us to do to keep our health in check.  There’s always a lot of chatter among people who do exercise regularly around what time they should or shouldn’t get their work out in.  There are so many different factors that come into play for us to get a work out in, but really knowing what the best time of day to exercise is can be incredibly helpful.  We were just as curious so we did a little research and decided to share our findings with you.

By now, you’ve probably heard it all when it comes to the best time of day to exercise.  But in our search to find the real solid answer:  is the morning best?  What about the evening?  According to the American Heart Association (among many other experts in this industry) the best time of day to exercise is actually the time of day for YOU.  You probably didn’t expect us to come at you with that one, did you?  The truth is there’s no right or wrong when it comes to the time of day you’re exercising, because truthfully the most important factor in all of this is that you get into a routine of actually exercising.

So what we’re saying is the timing of when you exercise is less important than actually just getting it done.  So if you’ve been putting pressure on yourself to get a workout in the morning before heading to work but you continuously find yourself sleeping through your alarm or just not feeling motivated – stop the struggle!  Find a time that’s going to work best for you and get into that routine – that’s where you really need to spend your time and energy.

Now we know that saying the best time of day to exercise is the best time of day for you can be freeing…but also may have you feeling a bit lost because you’re not quite sure what the answer to that is.  We suggest trying different times of day.  Try spending a couple days or weeks exercising in the morning, then switch it to the evening – once you try them out you will quickly discover the time of day that works better for you.  Take different scheduling situations into consideration when choosing the time of day, as well.  Consider whether you’re a morning person or if you’d rather squeeze it in after work.  Be realistic with yourself and really figure out when you can fit in your workouts on a consistent basis.

While it’s really important to get into a consistent routine with exercising, don’t beat yourself up too much if you miss a few workouts here and there – life happens!  Just don’t let your scheduling cause you to go off course too much.  Are you surprised to learn the best time of day to exercise?

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