The Best Way To Use Leave-In Conditioner

The Best Way To Use Leave-In Conditioner

If you’ve been following along with us for a while, or you’ve read any healthy hair article you’ve noticed that conditioner is a vital part of any solid hair care routine. We’re all in the habit of using conditioner when washing our hair, but using additional conditioning products is highly suggested by experts to really help take your hair’s health to the next level. Healthy hair means shiny, gorgeous hair after all! Leave-in conditioning products are incredible at helping your hair to obtain that additional conditioning benefit, especially during the summer months where the weather elements tend to strip our hair of a lot of that conditioning. We want to ensure that you’re making the most of your conditioning efforts so we’re giving you all the details on the best way to use leave-in conditioner.

Choose The Right Formula
Just like with any other hair care or skin care product, it’s all about choosing the right product for you and your needs. This means that not all leave-in conditioning products are formulated for every hair type, it’s true! Instead of grabbing the first leave-in conditioning product you come across or using the trendiest brand focus on the formulation. If your hair is very thin, using a spray formula is going to be best for you because they tend to be lightweight and will work with your hair instead of weighing it down. On the flip side, if you have very thick hair you can use more of a cream based formula, in fact your hair will need something a bit heavier to add the necessary amount of conditioning to reap the benefits.

Apply In The Right Way
We realize it seems simple enough to apply leave-in conditioner, but there really is a method to the madness that will help you really make the most of your efforts. Once you’ve washed your hair, squeezing your hair to eliminate a lot of the excess water is essential before applying the leave-in product. After you’ve done that, it’s suggested to create sections with your hair so you’re able to ensure that you’re applying the conditioner to ALL of your hair. That being said, you don’t want to apply a lot of this product to the roots of your hair so instead of applying to the roots and top of your hair start at the ends of your hair and massage the product upwards. This will help to add the product throughout your hair, without weighing down the roots of your hair.

Give Certain Areas More Attention
If you have areas of your hair that tend to be a little drier or damaged, focus a bit more of your attention to those areas when applying the leave-in conditioner to your hair. Because conditioning products are so hydrating, they’re able to help build up protection and aid in repairing damage that’s been done to the hair. This doesn’t mean you should glob on the product in those areas, but just keeping your eye on them will work wonders.

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