The Connection Between Precious Stones and Skincare

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Precious stones, also known as gemstones, have been used and sought after for many years throughout history.  You may typically know of precious stones as they’re used in jewelry.  Did you know they’re also used in skin care?  Actually, precious stones have been used in skin care for many years… yes we said in skin care!  Of course, you already know of our use of precious stones in our skin care products.  Regardless, we wanted to share with you the connection between precious stones and skincare and how it’s been used throughout history.

If you’re not familiar, gemstones (precious stones) have been known in Indian Mythology to assist in healing, particularly for their abilities to increase a healthy glow and energy to those that use them.  In addition, in Indian Mythology gemstones were thought to also ward off evil (as well as increase/promote healing to occur).  So the use of gemstones is not anything new, it’s truly been utilized throughout history for a LONG time.  Because gemstones have been held to a high standard as far as promoting healing and other energetic beliefs that they hold, they’ve been valued throughout history for benefits that many other types of stones just haven’t been able to do.

One of the ways that historians have even found in their findings is that gemstones were being used for skin care purposes many years ago.  However, one of the biggest differences between now and then is many gemstones and the use of them for skincare were only accessible to those that were high in society rankings.  Since gemstones are natural stones, they’re able to provide natural healing that’s incredibly powerful for those that use them.  Even though the use of gemstones for the skin wasn’t accessible to everyone throughout history, anyone can utilize them in their skincare now.

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It’s always fun to discover skin care related trends that have held their popularity and belief in their benefits for so many years, and we’re talking MANY years with gemstones.  Something that’s held true this long, especially in the beauty industry is definitely rare.  While gemstones were used in skin care situations for many years, it’s been translated and perfected in today’s world.  Since we know so much more about technology and research, there’s more information available to determine what specific gemstone is going to best suit your skin type.  In addition, there are skin care companies that are actually infusing the skin care with gemstones to create an incredibly powerful product line to give you amazing results.

If you thought gemstones were strictly for the use in jewelry to give you those gorgeous accessories you love to wear, you now know otherwise!  They’re not just pretty stones, they’re stones that have healing properties and energies that have been found to be incredibly helpful to people who have used them throughout history.  Talk about the ultimate luxury right?  Actually applying gemstones to your face, with your skin care!

What do you think about the connection between precious stones and skin care?

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