The Effects of Pollutants On The Skin

The Effects of Pollutants On The Skin

It’s no secret that on a daily basis we’re exposed to a great deal of different pollutants.  It’s just part of the world that we live in.  This is ESPECIALLY a factor in those that live in heavily populated areas and big cities.  While many of these pollutants are a result of cars and so much of the technology and things that we utilize on a daily basis, they’ve also been found to have some different effects on our skin.  If you’re not in the know about the effects of pollutants on the skin – you’re going to want to keep on reading.  Since so many of us have grown to know that the sun can wreak havoc on our skin, many are unaware of the effects pollutants have on our skin as well.

Breaks Down Collagen
In a world that’s always seeking the next best thing for looking and staying as young as possible, this one is quite a shock. Experts have found that the pollutants that we’re exposed to on a daily basis are able to reach deep layers of our skin and affect the firmness and elasticity.  In other words, it’s just plain breaking down the collagen in our skin.  The struggle is because we’re exposed to these pollutants on a daily basis, they continue to get into the deep layers of our skin and negatively impact our skin’s aging process and appearance.

Causes Inflammation
Inflammation has definitely grown to be a commonly used word, between our health and skin many of us realize that inflammation in our bodies can definitely hold a negative impact on us.  There are so many different areas of inflammation and how it can negatively impact our skin and bodies, unfortunately many experts have found that these pollutants that we’re exposed to on a daily basis can actually begin to cause inflammation in our bodies and skin.  Again, because these pollutants are able to reach deep layers of our skin, our skin ends up becoming inflamed as a defense mechanism of sorts – but we are then more likely to experience signs of aging and other skin struggles.

Dehydration to the Skin
We’re not trying to panic you, but the pollutants don’t stop at inflammation and collagen breakdown – unfortunately they’ve been found to cause our skin to become dehydrated.  Since our skin is the largest organ, and is so greatly exposed to all of these elements and pollutants – it’s not all THAT shocking that it’s found to cause dehydration in our skin.  Of course, we’re all working to try to hydrate our skin as much as possible so you can see how this is a struggle.

The good news is that many experts suggest that if you make it a habit of cleansing your skin thoroughly and removing all your makeup at night, you’re able to remove a lot of these pollutants before they make their way too far into your skin and head to bed.

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