The Perfect Day For Pj’s

The Perfect Day For Pj’s

You know them well, those days that really just feel like the perfect day for pj’s. Sometimes we have more days that feel like that than others, but in all honesty there’s nothing wrong with staying in your pj’s all day every so often. When you’re feeling that major pull to just hang out in pj’s all day it’s probably because you need a day to just relax and not do much. Sort of a recharging type of day, we all constantly have things going on we need a chance to relax. Although we all know it’s perfectly fine to spend a day hanging out, relaxing in your pj’s it’s common to have a feeling of guilt arise. We thought we would share how to create the perfect day for pj’s so you can thoroughly enjoy it.

Turn Everything Off
We’re all constantly connected to each other and technology, with social media and technology being at an all time high of use we’re always ‘attached.’ But truthfully one of the best things you can do to enjoy a great day hanging out in your pj’s is to turn everything off. Allow yourself to disconnect from your phone, computer and social media. If you need a perfect pj day, it’s likely that you need a day away from the constant connection. Because we’re always attached it can feel like we’re not really getting a break often times, which is why it’s so important to allow yourself to disconnect from it all. We know it may seem difficult, but give yourself the chance to be without all the technology…we’re willing to bet you feel so much more relaxed than when you’re always ‘on.’

Block Off Your Calendar
If you’ve been feeling like you need that perfect pj day to just do nothing, another thing you’re going to want to do to really make it the perfect relaxing day is to completely block off your calendar. Similar to the technology, we’re constantly on the go and connected but one way to really allow yourself to disconnect and enjoy it is to block the entire day off in your calendar. Make it a point to not schedule anything to do at all that day, leave it wide open to allow yourself that opportunity to not have any obligations. To really make it great, allow yourself to not feel pressure to go out in the evening either. Make it your relaxation day with no obligations or responsibilities planned.

Choose Your Food
Ok so while disconnecting and leaving your day wide open is hugely important to create the perfect pj day, we can’t forget to mention the importance of food. When you’re planning a fun and relaxing pj day, you can’t forget to choose the food you want to enjoy. The key is to plan out what you want to eat, but make it as easy and stress free as possible. Whether you want to order in from one of your favorite restaurants or just want to enjoy some of your favorite snacks. Make it easy for yourself, so that you don’t have to do much that day to enjoy your food.

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