The Pros and Cons of Ultherapy

The Pros and Cons of Ultherapy

Sometimes it seems like just when we know about all the different beauty treatments available something new pops up and throws us off.  Really, it does make sense when we realize that most of us are slightly obsessed with maintaining a youthful appearance.  If you’re someone who’s constantly interested in tightening your skin (because nobody wants sagging skin!), you may have heard about some of the professional grade options to make it happen. Ultherapy is the technical term for using ultrasound to help tighten and lift loose skin. This is most commonly used around the face, jaw line, eyes, and even occasioanlly on the chest.  But like any type of treatment it’s important to understand the pros and cons.  We’ve heard a lot of debate about ultherapy vs thermage and decided to share the pros and cons of ultherapy with you.

The pros 
Probably one of the biggest pros of ultherapy is the fact that it’s a non-surgical treatment done by a dermatologist or plastic surgeon.  The non-surgical portion is pretty awesome, no being put to sleep or dealing with a massive recovery – winning!  That being said, there’s actually very little (if any) recovery time for getting this treatment done because it’s non-invasive.  In addition, experts on ultherapy have said that it focuses on the lower layers of the skin and even targets the muscles in the areas it is applied.  Since it is able to target the lower layers of skin and muscles, it’s really focusing on the portion of the skin/body that are resulting in a lot of the sagging.  So basically, it’s treating you from the inside out.  It’s said that ultherapy uses a SAFE and approved ultrasound energy to achieve the results.  Pretty great pros, huh?

The cons  
We hate to be negative, but we do think it’s important that you understand the cons of anything, especially a treatment that’s being done to your body like ultherapy.  The biggest con of ultherapy is the fact that there are no guaranteed results, and it’s said that reputable practitioners of the therapy won’t give you any promises of results.  The other con of this procedure is that it’s hard to say how many treatments you will need to see results.  Everyone is different so some patients only need one treatment to see great results, while others could need a couple treatments to see some results.  In addition, many experts say that some patients may need to have the therapy process done as a sort of maintenance process to keep their results.

If you’re considering a procedure like ultherapy, it’s advised that you seek the input of a trusted professional.  Anytime you get something like this done to your body/skin, it’s essential that you’re going to someone who is reputable and well qualified to do the procedure.  While there are plenty of people who have experienced amazing results from ultherapy, understand that there is no guarantee.  But if you find yourself continually frustrated with sagging skin and just want to tighten your skin without going under the knife ultherapy could be a great option to consider.

Would you consider getting ultherapy?  Why or why not?

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