The Protective Stone

The Protective Stone

Metaphysics is a branch of philosophy that has to do with the originating concepts of all things. This can include totally abstract ideology like being, knowing, substance and cause. Time and space are best explained in detail by using metaphysics, in addition to identity itself. Metaphysics has been instrumental in revealing how we can enrich our appreciation for crystals and stones. Even more than pretty rocks or magnificent looking jewels, these crystals and stones contain powers that can be used for specific purposes, and one of those–a major use–is as a protectant. During ancient times, Romans revered amber, which was the exclusive protective stone while the Egyptians’ good luck charms were created from gold, with protective crystals and stones added for a variety of protecting, empowering and healing purposes.

Modern Protection from Stones
Anytime the subject of using stones as protection comes up, there’s the necessity to identify the kind of protection that’s needed. It’s not like, “protection is protection,” in any sense. Here are a few of the different types of protection most commonly sought, with most requiring different and specific stones, although black tourmaline is frequently included in many:

  • Evil: From Evil in general, from evil eye, from harmful or evil spirits and from negativity and negative spirits.
  • Home and Family: For protection for children, protection during childbirth and pregnancy, for homes and other buildings, protection for worldly possessions and protection against crime.
  • Physical Protection: There’s general physical protection, protection while physically traveling, from disease or illness, from poison, from radiation and from injury.
  • Other Protection: The list goes on and on, with a multitude of specific stones for specific protective purposes that include a list of psychic, emotional and other kinds of protection sought.

Black Onyx
This gorgeous black stone has been revered for its power to assist in a myriad of managing personal empowerment and negative energy. It smooths out life while empowering and protecting. In the realm of protecting stones, you’ll see most of them are black. It’s known for repelling negative energy that comes from other sources as well as our own negative thoughts that block us. This stone is coveted by entrepreneurs. Among other pluses, the black onyx repels and ends unhealthy and irritating emotional entanglements with others.

Black Tourmaline
This lovely crystal is prized for its ability to protect against all negative energy while grounding the individual spiritually. Many metaphysical scholars believe black tourmaline to be the most protective stone in existence. While a good number of protective stones will proceed to send back the negative energy to the source, black tourmaline will not do this on its own, unless there is some mica found within it. Without mica, you will need fire agate, which can be combined in jewelry or a pouch to carry with you.

Protection from Turquoise
This stone comes in a beautiful array of colors and marbled effects that can include red. While it’s not a black stone, it has long been lauded as an excellent stone for protection, particularly among Native Americans. These stones appear in places where volcanic activity has occurred. There is a rare form of turquoise found only in Virginia with prismatic crystals defining them. The highest quality are found in Persia, although this stone occurs in many other places of the world. Turquoise is worn about the head to stave off headaches, as strung in a line. Turquoise protects and blesses the wearer, no matter what form it’s worn in. You’ll see it used in tumbled form as often as the unchanged variety. The energies are said to remain unaffected by polishing and setting.

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