The Right Steps To Apply Products

The Right Steps To Apply Products

Creating a healthy skin care routine is essential if you want to create healthy skin. Of course being consistent with your routine, and using quality products is a large portion of having that healthy skin care routine there’s another element to your skin care routine that should be focused on as well. Wondering what is? Well, the right steps to apply products…meaning the order in which you apply your skin care products, has been found to be just as important as the other elements mentioned above. It’s easy to get confused, so we’re sharing the right steps to apply products so you can adjust as needed.

Always Start with Cleansing
Regardless of any of the other products you use in your skin care routine, it’s essential that you always begin your skin care routine with cleansing the skin. Cleansing is a necessary step in any skin care routine because it’s really what helps to, well…clean your skin from any overabundance of oil, dirt and residue. Not only does cleansing help to cleanse your skin, it helps to ensure that the steps that you take after are done to clean skin, allowing them to provide your skin with the full benefits.

Follow Up with Toning
Toning the skin has become a debate among the skin care world, but if you do tone your skin it’s important to make sure that you’re using your toning product right after you cleanse your skin. It’s said that toning the skin helps to balance the pH levels, allowing the follow up products to be better absorbed into the skin.

Always Apply Your Serum
This is typically where things get tricky for people, while it’s common to think that you should immediately apply a moisturizing product after cleansing/toning that’s actually not the case. Before applying your moisturizer, this is the time when you should be applying your serum/treatment based products. If you have more than one specialty skin care product like a serum or otherwise, apply them in the order of lightest (meaning thinnest/lightest weight) to thickest. This order is important because those light weight products like oils and others aren’t able to really be absorbed into the skin, after you’ve applied your thicker products. So many experts have found that applying the thinner products allows the skin to fully absorb them, so you’re able to reap the benefits and not waste your money!

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Remember to Moisturize
After you’ve applied any of your specialty treatment products/serums now is the time when you want to lock all of that in and seal your skin with a nice healthy dose of moisture. Applying a moisturizer after those other products helps to keep your skin well moisturized and hydrated throughout the day, as well as really lock in all the other products you applied to your skin.

Don’t Forget the Final Step!
We can’t forget to mention that you should always wrap up your skin care routine by applying SPF to your skin. This isn’t something to be skipped, but applying last will ensure that your skin is well protected as you take on the rest of your day.

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