The Summer Romper

The Summer Romper

Let’s face it when it comes to getting dressed in the summer, the easier the better.   There are few things easier than rompers when it comes to getting dressed in the summer months.  Similar to dresses, they’re one piece and you’re dressed!  How much simpler can you get?  Not much when it comes to fashion!  While they’re really easy to wear, they can also feel a little overwhelming when it comes to knowing what to look for in a summer romper.  So we’re breaking down a few of our must-know tips to help make sure you rock the summer romper right!

Consider the Fabric
Rompers are available in a wide range of different fabrics, colors, and patterns now.  While you may think they’re all the same, it’s not likely that they are.  Just like anything else, right?  When you wear rompers they tend to bunch up quite a bit while sitting, so it’s important to consider the type of fabric you choose in a romper to help you avoid the dreaded creasing that happens with some fabrics.  One quick test is to take the fabric in your hand, scrunch the fabric for a few seconds and upon releasing see how much crunching the fabric held.  While it’s not the ultimate test it will give you a little bit of an idea.

Try Before you Buy
The thing about rompers is they tend to either work or not…there’s really no in between when it comes to the romper look.  Which is why it’s super important that you try them on before buying (or taking the tags off at least).  Even if you have other rompers at home that look similar, the fabric and way it was constructed could be just a little off causing it to look a bit off when you put it on.  So please, try them on!

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Check the Length
Since rompers are one-pieces, until you put it on your body it can be difficult to know how long or short the shorts part of the garment actually is.  While we’re all about showing off your gorgeous gams, we also want to make sure you’re not showing TOO much.  Rompers can have a tendency of coming up pretty short on your body and giving a little too much information to those around you.  So while you’re trying on really pay attention to the length to determine just how short it is on your body, if you find it feels like there’s pulling or you can’t bend over easily it’s time to consider another size or another romper altogether.

When it comes to pulling off the summer romper, it’s really important you’re paying attention to the sizing and fit of them.  The fit can either make or break the entire look.  While they can be super easy to wear, it’s only easy and FLATTERING when done the right way.   Remember with any clothes it’s not one size fits all, everything fits and flatters us all differently.

Where did you find your favorite summer romper?

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