The Two Most Important Steps in Your Beauty Routine

The Two Most Important Steps in Your Beauty Routine

Most of us all have a standard beauty routine we stick to. You may be consistent, you may be working on the consistency aspect. Whatever your current beauty routine consists of, we know that people are always eager to get a better understanding of what steps they need to always be making sure to do. There are some steps in some beauty routines that are important, but aren’t going to break you if you don’t apply them. However, there are some steps that are crucial to every beauty routine. Wondering what they are? The two most important steps in your beauty routine are….

If you’re not already aware, cleansing is a MUST in any beauty and skin care routine. Cleansing the skin really isn’t a negotiable step when taking care of your skin. While cleansing has always been known to help clean your skin from the oil and makeup you have on your skin throughout the day, experts are finding that cleansing is helpful with so much more than that. We’re all exposed to so many different pollutants and environmental factors on a daily basis (so many more than you probably even realize). While these aren’t things we can avoid or hide from, many skin care experts have continued to stress the importance in cleansing to help cleanse out a lot of these pollutants from the skin. Unfortunately, many of these pollutants and other environmental factors are found to contain free radicals that can age the skin, cause it to become dehydrated and even linked to some cancers. However, cleansing at night before heading to bed has been found to help remove a lot of these factors from the skin to keep your skin healthy and happy from these elements. Cleansing your skin isn’t just about keeping it clean externally, but really can help on a much deeper level. Hence why it’s THE most important step in your beauty routine.

The second most important step in your beauty routine is moisturizing. Many experts stress that our skin needs moisture and hydration in order to look, feel and function at its best potential. The struggle is that we’re exposed to so many different elements on a daily basis, between the environmental factors mentioned above to the sun and even exercise that can suck out a lot of the natural moisture and hydration our skin consists of. See why moisturizing is so important? Our skin craves and really truly needs moisture to be able to lock in the natural moisture it has, and add in moisture when we’re lacking it. The truth is, we all need moisture in our skin and moisturizing the skin helps to keep it protected and working in a much more functional way because of our skin’s need for it.

Are you surprised at the two most important steps in your beauty routine? If you’ve been skipping either of these, now is the time to make sure you’re not skipping them anymore.

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