These Are Today’s Most Popular Nail Shapes

These Are Today’s Most Popular Nail Shapes

Have you been wearing your nails in the same shape for a while? Yes, we’re talking about the actual shape of your nails. Beauty trends are constantly changing and evolving with the seasons and that goes for the nail shape trends as well. The past year we’ve definitely had a lot of different nail shape variations, more than we’ve seen in seasons past. If you’ve been feeling like you need an update with your nail look…these are today’s most popular nail shapes:

Stiletto-Pointed Nails
Nail art and trends have definitely gained a life of their own in the beauty world, that shows to be true with stiletto pointed nails being one of the most popular nails shapes today. It’s a pretty dramatic look, but super fun and a great way to add some edge to your look. This particular nail shape is exactly as it sounds…it’s a longer nail shape that’s pretty sharp and pointed at the ends giving you a stiletto like sharpness to the end of your nails. It’s not necessarily a nail shape that’s easy to achieve at home, because of the precision and experience it takes to get this look just right but it’s the perfect shape to try if you’ve been wanting to make a more dramatic, trendy statement with your nails.

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Almond Nails
If you like the length and longer feel the stiletto nail shape gives you but you’re not really into the extreme point the almond shape nail could be the perfect nail shape for you. Almond shaped nails are another undoubtedly popular nail shape right now. Similar to the stiletto nail shape, the almond shape is pretty much exactly what it sounds like. If you know the shape of an almond, that’s exactly what the shape replicates here. It’s great to give you a little length to your nails and is often thought to create a feminine type of feel to your nail look because of its length and slight pointed tip.

Round Nails
Another one of our favorite, popular nail shapes right now has to be the rounded nail shape. It’s a classic nail shape, but when worn a bit longer it can feel updated from your typical shorter nail length. The great part about this particular nail shape is experts suggest that it’s one of the easiest on wear and tear. In other words, it’s much less likely to chip or break when you have this very rounded shape. Additionally, you can have a lot of fun creating different nail looks with this particular shape with different nail colors and techniques done to them.

Squared-off Oval Nails
This nail shape is great for those that like a bit of a squared look to their nails, but still enjoy the oval/almond type of nail shape. It’s also referred to as the “squoval” shape, which is just the combination of square and oval because that’s exactly what it is. This nail shape is given a more oval appearance but the end of the nails are squared off.

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