Throwback Hairstyles That We Embraced Before Flat Irons

Throwback Hairstyles That We Embraced Before Flat Irons

There’s something about a little throwback that we all love. It’s nostalgic in such a fun way, especially when those throwbacks related to hair and beauty trends. There’s a reason we see certain trends and concepts come back around in the beauty and fashion industries. We all love a good throwback! In honor of a lot of throwback action taking the main stages in the beauty and fashion world, we thought we would chat about some throwback hairstyles that we embraced before flat irons. Remember when? We didn’t have flat irons, or they weren’t as accessible? It’s often hard to think about how you could even style your hair without a flat iron now, but let’s take a little trip down memory lane, shall we?

Pin up curls

The Pin Up Curls
Pin up glam is always a win in our book, and they have the best throwback hair style looks. There’s something about the pin up glam looks that are always a crowd pleaser. When the pin up looks first originated flat irons were pretty much nonexistent so they really had to work with what they had to get their hair looking gorgeous. The pin up curls were a classic and a hair style that surely was embraced before flat irons. They made creating curls possible without the help of any head. Essentially, all you have to do is section your damp hair off into little sections and twist it around and secure with a crisscrossed bobby pin to hold the hair until it dries. Inventive right? The outcome of this throwback hair style is always classic and gorgeous, and can create some pretty flawless looking curls!

Voluminous straight hair

The Bouncy Straight
Throughout the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s straight hair styles were always a constant trend. Women everywhere really were into wearing their hair straight, but the biggest difference was it was all about creating some bouncy volume. You know the look we’re referring to-ladies everywhere had mega volume at the roots and throughout their hair giving them a lot of body to their straighter look. It was all about using the hair dryer in the right way to create that volume in the hair. Since flat irons really weren’t a thing yet, a good hair dryer, hair brush and hairspray was all you needed to create this gorgeous hair style. It’s a major throwback, but it’s also fun to remember and see how ladies were able to create a gorgeous straight haired look without the use of a flat iron.

Permed hair

The Perm
Of course straight hair has and always will have it’s time and place in trends. We can’t forget to bring forth the throwback that really played a part in 80’s and 90’s hair trends-the perm. Again, since flat irons weren’t really utilized ladies took to playing up and adding some great curl texture to their hair through the perm treatment. Perms were great because they were, permanent. Giving ladies a gorgeous hair texture that they could wake up with and not have to worry about styling much.

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