Thwarting The Winter Blues

Thwarting The Winter Blues

The temperatures have definitely decreased, and there’s been snow throughout many parts of the country.  Winter is officially here!  While the winter is always enjoyable for the sake of the holidays, there are also many people that can slip into the winter blues mood.  It’s actually quite a common thing for many people, and if you’re someone who tends to struggle with the winter blues – know that you’re not alone here.  There are a number of factors that can cause you to slip into the winter blues, but it can often feel much more difficult to get out of them.  We want to help you enjoy the winter season as much as possible so we’re sharing some of our favorite tips for thwarting the winter blues this year.

Get Active
During the winter months, it’s easy to fall into the routine of staying indoors and just kind of bumming around, but that’s actually something that can cause you to fall into a deeper winter blues state of mind.  Instead, make an effort to get active.  Even if you can’t necessarily spend time being active outdoors because of the weather find other ways to get your body moving.  Increase your workout routine, go for a walk, do whatever you can to get your body moving.  So many studies have been done to find that getting your body moving can be a phenomenal way to boost your mood and fight depression of any kind.

Get Some Light
Throughout many parts of the country, the winter season tends to be filled with a lot of gray days and minimal sunshine.  Anytime you do have a sunny day, take a few minutes to step outside to enjoy it – natural light is always the best, even if it’s cold outside.  However, if you don’t have many sunny days where you live there are alternative sources like indoor light boxes that have been designed to mimic natural light.  Experts have found that sitting near these light boxes for around 20-30 minutes every day to be just as effective as having natural light.  Being around light has been found to positively boost the mood and ease a lot of those winter blues symptoms that you may be dealing with.

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Clean Up Your Diet
Yes, your diet really does effect EVERYTHING.  From your skin to your weight to your mood.  Experts have found that people who have a diet that’s high in sugar and processed foods tend to cause the winter blues moods to become even worse.  So, flipping that around has been found to help change your mood along with it.  Filling your diet up with foods that aren’t processed, lots of veggies, lean proteins, and high in vitamin D and fatty acids are known to help boost the mood and help you feel more energized.

Get Social
Finally, we had to mention getting more social.  Since we all have a tendency of staying at home more often during the winter, it can be a matter of becoming too secluded.  So resist the urge to stay at home alone too often and make an effort to step out and get social – and don’t forget to HAVE FUN!

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