Tips and Tricks for Working with Shimmers

Tips and Tricks for Working with Shimmers

Shimmer eye shadows can create a dramatic look that is perfect for date nights or special occasions. You can use them for every day wear if you want a more daring look. Because these eye shadows have a bolder look, you have to learn how to apply them correctly. The shadows can also smudge easily, creating a mess. Here are a few tips and tricks for working with shimmers to create an expert look:

Start with a Primer
Metallic shadows tend to shift more easily than other shadows. Applying a primer to your lids will help set the shadow and make it last longer. The right primer will also make the shadow look more vibrant so you don’t have to use as much product. Silicone based primers work best for a smooth, professional look.

Keep It Simple
With traditional eye shadow, you could use three or four colors for the brow, crease, lid and inner corner. With metallic shadow, you want to limit it to two colors. The shadows are dramatic, and choosing too many colors can seem like overkill. Use just one or two colors for maximum effect.

Apply Only to the Eyelid
Putting metallic shadow all over the eye area can make you look like a show girl. You want a dramatic look, not an overdone look. Apply the metallic shadow to your eyelids only, and use matte shadows for accent on the brow bone. A neutral shade will help the shimmer shadow stand out and will provide a nice balance.

Mix It Up!
Gold and silver are great but it’s time to color outside of those two boxes! Mix up your colors with your favorite hues of purple, blue, orange or green – these are the “it” shades of fall! Don’t be afraid to be bold with your metallic – less IS more, so start slowly and work your way into more funky styles. Another tip – if you aren’t quite sure about using colored metallic, test it out in the evening. Give your favorite new shadow a test drive at a club or low lit restaurant – this look DOES have a dramatic affect that fits into these scenes beautifully!

Use a Dense Brush
A dense brush, like a bristled concealer brush, will help keep the metallic shadow in one place and minimize the risk of the shadow falling all over your cheeks or your temples. With the right brush, you’ll have less mess and you can get a more pigmented look. You’ll lose less product and be able to apply your makeup more quickly.

Metallic and shimmering shadows can create a beautiful day or evening look. Use these tips to apply it seamlessly and get the best results. You’ll have people asking you where you got your makeup done.

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