Tips For Instant Hair Volume

Tips For Instant Hair Volume

‘Tis the season of humidity and…flat hair. Are you with us on that one? Ok, sometimes it doesn’t just take humidity to feel like your hair is falling flat (quite literally). Achieving that gorgeous voluminous hair we all love often feels much more difficult than we’d like to admit. But what if it wasn’t as difficult as we’ve all been making it out to be? Truthfully, there are some tips for instant hair volume that you may be surprised to learn aren’t as difficult. Yes, that means you can get that voluminous hair right at home-not just when you head into the salon!

Change The Way You Dry Your Hair
If you’ve been drying your hair the typical way, then it’s time to make some changes to get some instant volume in your hair. One of the best, and easiest ways to get instant hair volume is to dry your hair with your hair/head upside down. Skip the brush and just flip your head over to begin drying your hair. Gravity literally gets put to work here to help you out and add some extra oomph to your hair’s volume. If you want a little extra volume to your hair, adding a volumizing product to your roots/hair before drying can help to really lock that volume in.

Switch Up Shampoo + Conditioner
The shampoo and conditioning products you use can have a huge effect on your hair’s volume, or lack thereof. If you’re not experiencing a lot of natural volume in your hair it could be an indication that you’re not using the right shampoo and conditioner for your hair. First, look over your current products and determine whether or not they’re formulated to work with your hair type. Next, consider whether or not they’re a bit too harsh on your hair. When using harsh products it can strip your hair of too much of its natural oils and leave hair limp and lifeless. Switching over to products that are moisturizing and volumizing can do wonders for giving you that instant hair volume. It may seem like a simple step, but changing your shampoo and conditioner are hidden secrets we don’t often think about when it comes to creating more volume in our hair.

Change the Part
Chances are you wear your hair parted the same way nearly every day. We’re just like you with this one! It’s common to get into a routine or habit of wearing your hair parted in the same way. While you’re probably used to your hair being parted that way, it’s common for hair to begin to flatten when the part is the same all the time. For an incredibly instant hair volume boost doing something as simple as changing your hair part can make a huge difference. Seriously, just try changing up your hair part – you’re going to be shocked at the volumizing difference it makes!

Do you have any favorite instant hair volume tips?

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