Tips for Launching Your Pre-emptive Strike Against Wrinkles

Tips for Launching Your Pre-emptive Strike Against Wrinkles

Let’s face it…we’re all pretty determined to fight wrinkles from forming on our skin as long and as much as possible.  It’s a big fear for many of us, to show signs of aging.  Many experts suggest that to really prevent wrinkles from happening it’s all about how you care for your skin prior to actually having them set in.  Fortunately, there are tips for launching your pre-emptive strike against wrinkles.  So we’re sharing them with you because we know we ALL want to keep wrinkles away for as long as possible.

Make sure you’re using skin care designed for your skin’s type
Seem like this wouldn’t play a role in your strike against wrinkles?  Well when we use skin care products that aren’t suited for our skin’s type it can cause irritation and other issues to arise in your skin – instead of keeping it healthy overall.  So to really make sure you’re keeping on track to strike against wrinkles make sure that the skin care products you’re using are designed to work with your skin’s type, this will keep your skin much healthier overall.

Don’t skip the night time routine
It’s so easy to feel like you can just skip your night time skin care routine, especially if you’ve had a night out or a long day.  But to keep those wrinkles away, you’re going to want to fight the urge and make sure that you’re sticking to your night time routine regardless of how tired you are.  Removing your makeup and washing your face before hitting the pillow will work wonders for your skin and the aging process.  Since our skin is exposed to so many different elements on a daily basis, when we don’t wash our face and remove our makeup those elements can break down our skin and end up showing signs of aging quicker.  Pretty good reason to make sure you’re not skipping it, right?

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Make sure you’re applying your products in the right order
Applying your skin care products is one thing, but it’s just as important to make sure that you’re applying them in the right order.  Yep, we said order.  Experts suggest applying your products in the order of: cleansing, toning, moisturizing, any serum’s, then toping it off with your moisturizer.  Applying your products in this order is going to help ensure that you’re reaping the benefits from your efforts in the best way possible, and your skin will better absorb what it is you’re applying.

Add in an eye cream
So often, the area around the eyes tends to be a forgotten area of the skin.  However, it’s also the area of the skin that tends to show signs of aging first.  Experts suggest starting to incorporate an eye cream earlier in life can be a great way to strike against wrinkles and keep your skin looking youthful for a longer period of time.  Make sure that you’re being gentle with the skin around your eyes, and add in the step of applying an eye cream to your routine.

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