Tips For Matching Your Foundation To Your Skin Tone

Tips For Matching Your Foundation To Your Skin Tone

Most women, if we’re honest, have a really hard time finding a foundation color that TRULY matching their skin tone.  Going to a department store or walking down a makeup aisle, with what seems like HUNDREDS of color options can feel like it’s pretty close to impossible to actually find a color that’s going to match YOU.  The thing about foundation is it’s gotten a bad rap when the color doesn’t match.  You know that dreaded line at the chin area?  No woman wants that, so we’re sharing some tips for matching your foundation to your skin tone to help you out girl!

Determine YOUR Undertone
Before you even think about getting foundation, you need to determine what YOUR personal undertone is.  Your undertone can play a huge role in how a foundation color looks on you.  One of the easiest ways to determine what your undertone is is by looking at the inside of your wrist and looking at the veins.  If your veins are blue, you’re a cool undertone.  If your veins are green, you’re an olive/warm undertone.  If your veins are a mixture between the two you’re more of a neutral undertone and can wear either.  This will help you moving forward as you select a foundation, looking at the makeup’s undertone is going to help eliminate a lot of options.  Luckily a lot of makeup companies are now listing what the undertone of the foundation is to help you further minimize the colors to find your perfect match.  If it’s not listed, either asking the company directly, the sales associate or just testing it out can help you determine the undertone of the makeup.

Figure Out Your Skin Tone 
Once you’ve determined your undertone and know to look at makeup’s undertone when shopping for your perfect color, it’s time to determine your actually skin tone.  When we say this we mean light, medium or dark (typically).  This will help you to narrow down the colors you’re looking at.  Once you determine your skin tone range, start looking at the undertones and testing colors out.  It will definitely help to minimize overwhelm when going step by step like this, instead of looking at SO many different colors at once.

Testing It Out
Trying out the foundation colors before buying is ideal, when possible.  Not only will you want to test them out on bare, clean skin but also check the color in NATURAL light.  Often times the lighting in stores isn’t natural and the color can look completely different when you step into natural lighting.  Also, allow the foundation to sit on your skin for a couple minutes before deciding for or against a color.  The color can alter as it sits on your skin and adapts to your body’s chemistry.  While some makeup experts suggest going a little bit lighter in color for your foundation, it’s really dependent upon how close you’re able to come with finding a color that matches.

Stay patient, and know that the right color is out there for you!

What have you found helpful in finding a foundation color to match your skin tone?

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