Tips For Salon Worthy Curls

Tips For Salon Worthy Curls

Doesn’t it always seem like when you get your hair done at the salon, it’s never actually duplicable on your own?  It’s like our hair stylists have some secret wand they wave over our hair to make it end up perfect every time.  But we all want to recreate those gorgeous curls our hairstylists get our hair to do – enough of the secrets!  We did a little searching because we knew some stylists had to be open to sharing their tips.  Luckily, we found some great tips for salon worthy curls so you can get the look on your own!

Prep Your Hair
You’ve probably noticed anytime you go to the salon to get your hair cut or styled the stylists use product in your hair, this is a huge part of the process!  Using a heat protectant product before starting to curl your hair is essential to keeping your hair from getting damaged and just overall protecting your hair as much as possible.  Hair stylists swear by this step whenever you’re using heated styling tools.

Sections And Sizes
The next important part in creating salon worthy curls comes down to making sure you’re using the proper size styling tool.  Consider the size curls you want to create in your hair, if you want big loose curls you DON’T want to use a really small sized curling iron.  Use a curling iron size that’s consistent with the size curls you want to create.  In addition, most hair stylists suggest curling your hair in sections starting with the lower layers of hair first and working your way up.  Doing this will help make sure you’re actually getting to all your hair to curl it, and gives you more control.  In addition, as you start curling grab different sized sections of hair – this will help give your hair a more naturally curled/wavy look instead of appearing too pageant queen.

The Little Things
One of the little tricks we noticed hair experts doing and suggesting was to keep the curling iron moving.  They don’t actually hold the curling iron in one place for more than a couple seconds, but instead continue to spin the curling iron around as the hair is wrapped around it.  Additionally, they start the curling iron about half way down the hair (aka in the middle) and curl from there so that the curls aren’t starting too high up at the roots.  This little trick is a major one so that your curls aren’t too high on your head – again giving that pageant hair look.  Finally, it’s suggested not to touch your curls until they’ve cooled.  Once you’ve curled all of your hair and allowed it time to cool you can then use your fingers or a brush to loosen up the curls – another trick that will give you that gorgeous natural curl look.

Creating those salon worthy curls is really all about practice and remembering the little things as you go about styling your hair.

Do you have any tips you’ve learned to create salon worthy curls?

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