Tips for Strengthening Your Locks

Tips for Strengthening Your Locks

Your hair is something that you likely spend a decent amount of time on every single day.  Whether we want to admit it or not, we ALL do something with our hair on a daily basis.  But while we spend time styling and washing our hair, we don’t often think of the time we should be spending actually caring for our hair.  Many of the things we do with our hair styling has an impact on the strength of our hair, and you may not even realize certain habits you have could be causing your hair to become weak and brittle.  Since we know you want strong, healthy hair, we’re sharing some of our must-know tips for strengthening your locks.

Minimize The Chemical Use
If you find your hair is weak and brittle, and you’re a regular when it comes to using chemicals to color, straighten or bleach your hair, it’s wise to give your hair a break.  Minimizing the amount of chemicals you use on your hair, really giving it a break, can be really crucial to getting strength back into your hair.  When our hair is constantly put through chemical use, it does become weak and brittle because of the stress it’s put under.  Give it a chance to gain strength back, and even talk to your trusted hair stylist to come up with another plan of action to get the hair results you’re looking for that won’t weaken your hair.


Clean Up Your Diet
You’ve probably heard the chatter around how what you eat impacts your skin’s health and appearance, well the same goes for your hair!  It’s true that when you don’t have a well-balanced diet, it can cause your hair to become weak and brittle.  This is because your body doesn’t have the proper nutrients to really give your hair the essentials it needs to grow and be as strong as it could be.  If you feel like your hair isn’t quite as strong as you’d like, take a realistic look at your diet.  There are likely some areas you could clean up a bit.  Incorporate as many fresh fruits, veggies, and lean proteins as you can and minimize the amount of processed foods you eat.  In addition, make sure you’re drinking a lot of water – because yes water intake also has an impact on your hair’s strength and health.

Use The Right Hair Care Products
Here’s the thing, using hair care products is important to your hair’s health… but if they are not the right hair care products for what your hair needs, they could be causing more damage.  If you’re currently dealing with hair that’s become weak and brittle, it’s suggested to look for hair care products that are specifically formulated to strengthen hair.  Avoid using products that could cause your hair to become drier, and instead look for those that are hydrating and encourage more protein to be developed in the hair.  Of course, don’t forget that just adding a lot of product doesn’t solve anything – use products properly to make sure you get the best results.

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