Tips For Summer Exfoliation

Tips For Summer Exfoliation

Summer means glowing, radiant skin…or does it? If you’re anything like us, achieving that gorgeously sunkissed glow is a high priority. However, as much as it may be a goal it can seem like those that have the sunkissed glow must know something you don’t. Right? Exfoliating is one of those secrets, although it’s not THAT much of a secret. We’re always talking about how beneficial exfoliating is to your skin. During the summer it’s even more important to maintaining healthy, glowing skin. Of course there are some key tips for summer exfoliation to follow in order to really gain the results you deserve.

It’s All About Timing
For starters, if you think you can just exfoliate your skin once and be done it’s time to kick that idea to the curb. In order to really maintain healthy, glowing skin exfoliating needs to be a part of your regular skin care routine. Both your face and body need exfoliating regularly, like 2-3 times a week regularly. Getting yourself into a routine of exfoliating more often is going to keep your skin healthy and free of all of the ‘stuff’ exfoliating helps to get rid of from the surface of your skin. Additionally, many experts suggest that the best time to exfoliate your skin is in the morning. Since our bodies work to repair and replenish itself while we sleep, removing dead skin cells and everything else exfoliating helps to remove is much easier and beneficial when done in the morning.

Use Different Products for Different Areas of Your Body
We often discuss exfoliating your face, but the skin ALL over your body needs exfoliating. That being said, using different types of exfoliating products to cater to the different types of skin you have throughout your body is going to yield the best results. Your face has much more sensitive, thin skin than the skin on your legs and bottom of your feet. Adjusting the products is going to help you to make the most of how you’re exfoliating. Don’t forget to consider the hard to reach areas, as well! Typically, dry brushes are best to reach the areas you have a hard time getting to like your back. In addition to all of that, using exfoliating products that really work to get the dead skin cells off WHILE being gentle enough on your skin is absolutely essential. Your exfoliating products shouldn’t leave your skin feeling sensitive or irritated.

Remember To Exfoliate Everything
Above we mentioned those hard to reach areas like your back when exfoliating, but those aren’t the only areas that need to be considered. So often people tend to forget that our lips and feet (among others) need to be exfoliated as well. When we talk about exfoliating your entire body, we mean it. Remember that your skin is the largest organ in your body, and it makes up a great deal of your body which is why it’s so crucial that you’re in the habit of exfoliating every area of your body.

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