Tips For Weather-Proofing Your Curls

Tips For Weather-Proofing Your Curls

When it comes to our hair, one of the biggest factors that can completely run through a perfectly good hair day is the weather.  We’ve all had those days where we’re having a great hair day and suddenly step outside and some sort of weather element completely hits our hair and POOF our great hair day is gone just like that.  You know we’re always about helping you find different tips and hacks to make life more beautiful and easy, which is why we set out to find tips for weather-proofing your curls to share with you.

Windy Weather
Ok, we’ve ALL been in a place where we stepped outside and felt like the wind was about to knock us out.  Not only does it feel a bit irritating when it’s really windy outside, but it also doesn’t do curls any justice.  Experts suggest that if you know it’s going to be windy outside, the best way to really help your curls stay pretty and hold the frustration is to use hair accessories.  That means adding things like headbands, bandanas or even scarves to your hair to keep the curls down and in place without getting blown ALL over the place when you step outside into the windy weather.  When it comes to styling your curls in windy weather, experts suggest using a firmer setting hair spray to keep them held in place a bit better.

Rainy + Humid Weather
Rain is always one of the most frustrating weather elements to strike curls down at the worst moments.  Experts suggest that even though there’s a lot of moisture typically in the air when it’s rainy, you make sure to keep your hair moisturized so it’s not as affected by the outside moisture.  When your hair has natural moisture to it, it’s been found to be less affected by the moisture in the weather conditions.  So using shampoos and conditioners can do wonders for this.  In addition, experts suggest looking for products that are sulfate-free when styling your hair for rainy weather.  When it comes to styling your hair for these weather conditions, the experts all mention utilizing hair styling products that are designed specifically to combat humidity.  In addition, it’s suggested to avoid going out with wet hair and instead allowing your hair to air dry overnight to help eliminate a lot of frizz that can arise from these weather conditions.

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Dry Weather
If you have curly hair, or you’ve styled your hair in curls you’ve probably noticed it doesn’t seem to have that bounce you want when the weather is super dry.  The key to keeping your curls intact and looking gorgeous in the dry weather is to make sure your hair is well moisturized.  Keeping up with deep conditioning treatments on a regular basis, and even adding a leave in conditioner (if your hair is really dry) can do wonders for keeping your curls intact during the dry weather.  In addition, the experts suggest using a styling gel and/or firmer hair spray to keep your hair in place without drying it out further.

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