Tips on Working with Loose Shadows

Tips on Working with Loose Shadows

Loose eyeshadows can look very pretty – they are usually highly pigmented, last for the duration of the day or night, and are usually a lot pricier than compact crushed shades formed into a palette. Today, Lionesse has some tips on working with loose shadows to help all of you makeup lovers master the art of application by taking things one day at a time.

Avoid Fallout
Avoiding fallout is one of the main concerns of anyone dealing with a loose eyeshadow. You certainly don’t want to ruin your perfect foundation and cheeks by applying the product after your face, so to be cautious, apply your foundation and concealer to the eyelids first, followed up with a primer, and then with your eyeshadow by patting the product onto the lid rather than brushing it across. After this has been completed, you can go in with your makeup removing wipes and clean up any fallout on the cheeks, and then apply your foundation to the rest of your face.

Use Primer
Primer isn’t just for your T-zone. Did you know that there are primers made specifically for eyeshadow application? Be sure to apply enough to cover the area where you want to apply your cosmetics, and it will hold your color all day long, will grab onto fallout, and it will also ensure your color looks bright and vibrant.

Use Proper Brushes
Using proper makeup brushes is essential to the perfect eyeshadow application. You don’t want to use the sponge applicator that comes in the pack with all of your other compressed eyeshadows; this will only cause a great deal of stress and mess when it doesn’t work, and just moves the product around and drops it everywhere but your eyes. You will want to invest in a good blending brush to work with these highly pigmented shadows, as well as a tapered brush and fluffy brush. If you’ve got these three, application should be a breeze.

Have Concealer Nearby
Any time you make a boo-boo with eyeshadow or eyeliner, you can go in and correct the mistake using your concealer and a concealer brush or the wand that comes inside of the concealer bottle. This will ensure any already applied makeup won’t be disturbed and need to be replaced again, and it will appear as if nothing ever happened, giving you the perfect look you’ve been doting over.

Keep Paper Towels Handy
Any time you are working with loose shadows, it’s a smart idea to keep your shadows which are to be opened on a couple of paper towels to avoid making a mess of your countertop or vanity. It’s so easy to make a big mess and get annoyed by dealing with this – avoid it by coming prepared. If you’re especially frugal, you could use tin foil pieces as well to catch whatever shadow falls out – and then bend the foil into a ‘V’ shape, and pour it back into the bottle again. Now, that’s thinking smart!

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