Top Tips for a Great Blowout

Top Tips for a Great Blowout

Getting a blowout should be a rewarding experience. Whether you get one from your stylist or give yourself one at home, a blowout should help your hair to look beautiful, feel smooth and soft, and should also last for a few days. Gone are the days of bad blowouts due to sub-par blow dryers and finicky styling tools. Nowadays, it’s easier than ever to get the best blowout ever – and below, we give you some tips to follow for your next indulgence.

Start with Your Fingers
Using your fingers when you begin your blowout is the best way to get the hair to a damp state where you can then begin using brushes. You don’t want to go right in and tackle the hair with a brush and blow dryer because you could cause breakage, damage, and other problems such as frizz and tangles. By starting out with your fingers to tousle the hair gently as you blow dry, you are giving your hair the best possible start.

Use Appropriate Brushes
When it comes time to use a brush for your style, you will want to make sure you use the appropriate brushes for your hair. If you want to achieve volume, use a round brush and focus on the root area. Add some volumizing mousse along with the round brush to add the most volume. If you want to straighten your hair with a flat iron, use a paddle brush or large round brush to achieve a smooth, sleek style.

Use Serums
Serums can be extremely beneficial when it comes to smooth, frizz free hair. Getting the best style possible is made easier with hair serums. There are different types of serums to handle different tasks, such as taming frizz, smoothing flyaways, adding shine, and some include all in one. A great serum to try out is Lionesse’s Hair Serum, which not only gives the hair a smoother feel, but also gives it a frizz-free and hydrated look. All of these in one make this a fantastic serum that has been loved by women worldwide for as long as the product has been on the market.

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Use a Great Quality Blow Dryer
Getting a great blowout starts with a great quality blow dryer. A good blow dryer is capable of reducing frizz by smoothing the hair, and won’t damage your hair with the use of heat due to the hair drying at a faster pace. A couple of great hair dryer options are those which contain tourmaline, which is a mineral found within the earth, or titanium, which is a metal. Regular hair dryers contain copper, which has coils that tend to cause damage and burn the hair. Avoid a bad blowout and damage to your hair by opting for a high-quality blow dryer that’s on the higher end of the cost spectrum.

By following the simple rules above, you can ensure your blowout will look fantastic, feel fantastic, and will look it’s best for a few days to come.

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