Travel Ready Hairstyles

Travel Ready Hairstyles

When you’re headed out for a traveling adventure the last thing you want to do is have to fuss with your hair being not-so-cooperative.  Having a hairstyle that’s easy, fuss-free, and low maintenance is the key to keep you happy and able to enjoy your travels without worrying about what your hair’s doing.  We’re breaking down a few of the easiest hairstyles to try the next time you’re traveling.

There are few hairstyles as easy to achieve and manage than a low ponytail.  Worn to the center or off to the side, all you do is gather your hair at the nape of your neck and secure it with a hairband.  Yep…that’s it!  Can’t get much easier than that, right?  The great part about this hairstyle is it always feels current but requires little effort on your part.  It’s perfect for those days you don’t have time to wash or do much styling to your hair (if you have an early flight or a long flight for example).

Half Up-Half Down
Similar to the first two options, wearing your hair in a half up half down style is a great way to add a little style without much effort or time commitment.  It’s just enough to keep your hair out of your face.  Another great hairstyle that can be worn if you haven’t had a chance to wash or fully style your hair, often times this look looks even better when your hair has some natural texture to it.

Woman wearing a hat.

Hat it Up
Hats are great for turning your average hairstyle into something so much more.  Throw on your favorite hair, loosely curl the ends of your hair and voila!  Suddenly you’ve created a chic look that took less than five minutes.  It’s another great trick to use if you’re on second or third-day hair, or if you’ve had a long trip and can’t style it before making a stop or doing some more sightseeing.

Top Knot 
Top knots have been popular for a while now (thanks Kardashians), but they’re incredible for traveling.  It’s a great way to get the hair out of your face, but still look styled.  And really, does it get much simpler than throwing your hair up in a topknot?  Not a whole lot!

The common theme among travel ready hairstyles is keeping things simple and versatile.  Typically when you’re traveling you want to be able to focus on the sights you’re going to see, not your hair.  So having a list of go-to hairstyles that are easy to achieve, take very little time to do, and won’t leave you fussing with them all day are essential.  Plus, you may not want to or have the chance to wash your hair as often (or if you’ve been on a 10-hour plane ride, for example) so having some hairstyles in your back pocket you can whip out for times when your hair may not be freshly washed can be a lifesaver.

Which of these travel-ready hairstyles are you going to try on your next trip?

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