Trendy Items to Take You from Summer To Fall

Trendy Items to Take You from Summer To Fall

Fall will be here before we know it, while it’s always sad to say goodbye to summer the start of a new season means a whole new set of trends. Even though a new season means a variety of new trends, we can’t help but look for ways to transition the previous season’s trends into the new one. It gets the creative juices rolling, after all! If you’re like us, there have been some trends throughout the summer that you’re not quite ready to let go of yet. This is why we’re dishing on the trendy items to take you from summer to fall.

Cold Shoulder Tops
Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve definitely noticed cold shoulder tops are a ‘thing’ this summer and you probably purchased at least one for yourself. Cold shoulder tops have been such a fun change in the style world, giving us a little something different to wear. While you may feel like you have to put those cold shoulder tops away once fall enters, we encourage you to think differently! Cold shoulder tops will be easy to take you from summer to fall, it’s just about changing the way you wear them. Instead of wearing them with shorts or skirts and bare legs, pair them with your favorite dark wash denim or skirts with tights and boots.

Tank Dresses
Tank dresses have been another huge trend this summer and we know they definitely seem like a summer only type of garment they’re actually a great transitional item. You’ve probably been wearing  the tank dresses with your favorite sandals and accessories throughout the warm weather months. The good news is they’re PERFECT for layering as the temperatures start to shift. Instead of wearing the tank dress alone, throw your favorite leather or suede jacket over the top and add sneakers or ankle boots. Another great way to wear tank dresses in the fall is to pair them with tights and a cardigan. Honestly, there are countless ways to layer the tank dresses for fall just think of them like a layering piece and have fun transitioning them into the fall.

Crop Tops
It definitely seems like you can’t go into a store, or scroll through an online retailer without seeing a wide range of crop tops available for purchase. They’ve been everywhere this summer. We know crop tops definitely seem like a summer only garment, you can transition them into the fall much easier than you may initially think! Similar to the tank dresses, think of crop tops as a layering piece but instead of layering OVER the crop top think about layering UNDER them. Pairing your favorite crop top with a long sleeve top underneath is an easy way to be a bit more covered during the fall season and bring the trend into the new season. Another way to layer them is to wear a blazer or jacket over them. Fall is all about layering so have fun with it!

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