Tricks For Awesome Curling Wand Results

Tricks For Awesome Curling Wand Results

Curling wands have quickly grown in popularity, if you haven’t used one personally you’ve definitely heard of them.  They’re a newer hot tool item that gives incredible results… when you use them properly.  The fun part of using a new hairstyling tool is its new and something different, the downside is its new and something different.  Basically, you have to find out how to use this new tool that you’ve never used before this so it can be a little bit of a process to get used to actually using it.  The curling wand is no different, and we know some people have felt frustrated around trying to get the results they see people achieving on the internet.  So we’re sharing some tips for awesome curling wand results to help get you started.

The Way You Wrap Your Hair Will Alter The Look
The great thing about curling wands is the fact that you’re able to achieve different types of curls, but if you didn’t realize that you may be confused as to why your curls aren’t coming out like the way you hoped.  This is because the way you actually wrap your hair around a curling want will significantly impact the way your curls turn out.  If you wrap your hair around the wand with the hair flat you’ll end up with a more traditional looking curl.  However, if you wrap your hair around the wand by first twisting the sections of hair before wrapping around the wand, you’ll end up with a curl that’s a bit smaller in size but looser in curl.  Finally, if you do a combination of the traditional wrap and then twist the end of the hair, you will end up with a wavy type of look that gives you those gorgeous Victoria’s Secret locks.

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Consider The Direction
Another reason you may be getting frustrated with your curling wand results is because of the direction in which you curl the hair.  The key thing to consider when it comes to using a curling wand is understanding that the direction in which you wrap the hair around the wand will be the direction the curl is when you release your hair from it.  Make sure you’re wrapping the hair around the wand the direction you want it to actually be in.

Final Techniques To Consider
Ok, so you may be used to using a curling iron that requires you to hold your hair in the curling iron for a bit before releasing it, but when using a curling wand you’re not going to want to hold the hair on the wand as long as you do a curling iron.  In fact, you’re not going to want to hold it on the wand long at all.  The key is to let the freshly curled hair sit without fussing with it while it cools off before you touch it to keep it held in shape.  In addition, you may want to consider using a glove when you’re first getting started using a curling wand so you don’t burn yourself until you get used to using it.

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