Tried and True Hacks To Hide The Holiday Five

Tried and True Hacks To Hide The Holiday Five

The holiday season is coming to a close, and if you’re like so many of us you probably over indulged throughout a lot of the holiday season.  It’s the time of year we all like to splurge and enjoy the foods and drinks that we don’t throughout the rest of the year.  But if you find yourself carrying a bit of the holiday five, you’re probably eager to find some ways to hide them until you can get back on track to shake them.  We’re sharing some tried and true hacks to hide the holiday five so you can feel great as we come out of the holiday season.

Opt For a Swept Side Style
Odds are you haven’t thought of how much your hair style and affect the way you look weight wise, but it actually can!  Many people have found that opting for a sideswept hair style and bang look can help your face look slimmer – perfect when you’ve had a little too much over indulging throughout the holiday season.  Especially since it’s not an obvious hack to hide the five!

Create a Shape Subtly
So many women feel like the best way to ‘hide’ weight is to wear clothes that are very loose fitting and bigger than they are, but unfortunately that actually does the opposite and it has you appearing even bigger than you are.  Instead, opt for clothes that have structure and create a shape in a subtle way – we’re not saying to wear clothes that are fitted very tightly to your body – but we need to see where you are.  Silhouettes like empire and a-line are great because they show where you are but just graze by your body ever so slightly.  Plus, any time you emphasize your waistline (which is what both of those silhouettes do) you’re going to give yourself a more slimming effect.

woman in heels

Add Some Height
Another one of our favorite hacks for hiding the holiday five is adding height.  You can do this by adding some extra volume to your hair OR by throwing on a pair of heels.  Any time we add height to ourselves, we’re creating the illusion of stretching out our figure – helping us to appear longer and slimmer.  Pretty great, huh?  They don’t have to be sky high heels, even just an inch or two can make just enough of a difference to help you feel great and hide the holiday five in a pretty sneaky way.  This being said, you’re also going to want to avoid pants that cut your leg line to have you appear shorter.  Typically, you want to look for pants that are straight leg, if cropped look for something that hits above or below the largest area of your ankle/calf.

Creating a little contour with your makeup is another super easy and great hack to hide a little weight gain.  You don’t have to go full Kardashian style, but just adding a little contour with bronzer and powder to your cheekbones and chin area can make a nice difference.

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