Try These Pro Styling Tips

Try These Pro Styling Tips

Ever wish you could have a professional style your hair every day? Ok, that wasn’t a real question because who DOESN’T wish they could have a pro help with their hair every morning. Even though you may not be able to have a full glam squad get you ready before you head to work every morning, doesn’t mean you can’t take some tips from the pros. Fortunately, we have some inside information to share with you. You’re going to want to try these pro styling tips…

Start With a Solid Base
So many of us use heat when styling our hair and yes, it seems like a simple thing to just go ahead and apply the heat to your hair when you’re ready to get to styling. The problem is doing that isn’t keeping your hair protected. Many hair pros preach about the importance of starting any hair styling method and look with a solid base or foundation. In order to start with that solid foundation on your hair you need to use heat protectant products before applying any heat. Heat protectant products help to keep your hair well protected when using any sort of heat on your hair. This will set the tone for your hair’s health and overall look when you complete the look you’re trying to achieve.

Your Hands Can Be Your Best Tool
This season has been all about the effortless, undone type of waves and curls in hair trends. Not to mention the presence of natural texture being embraced. Both of these hair styles have something in common…they have that effortless look to them. All the pros talk about using a little hair product and your hands/fingers to bring out the natural texture and/or create a more undone look with waves and curls. So often we want to complicate things and feel as though we have to use brushes and tools in order to get the perfect hair style but when you’re aiming for a look that isn’t ‘perfect’ all you need is your hands to get that complete look you want.

Healthy Hair Should Be Your Top Priority
Yes, gorgeous hair is something we all aspire to achieve. Many of us spend time admiring the hair of our favorite celebs but something that holds true with all the pros is the importance of hair health. Truthfully, if your hair isn’t healthy you’re never going to get the gorgeous hair you desire to have. If your hair is damaged and unhealthy talk to your trusted professional about what steps they suggest you need to take to get your hair’s health back on track. To get you started, you definitely want to start paying more attention and giving a little more love to your scalp. Our hair starts at the scalp. Make it a point to massage your scalp every time you wash your hair. In addition, don’t skip out on moisture! Regardless of your hair type your hair needs moisture in order to be healthy.

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