Try These Sugar Rub Recipes For Great Skin

Try These Sugar Rub Recipes For Great Skin

The temperatures are rising and we’re all starting to wear our summer clothes. While that’s an exciting time, it also tends to be times when we realize how dry and dull our skin on our body is after the winter months. Exfoliating skin isn’t something that just sounds nice, and it’s not a luxury…it’s a necessary step in any healthy skin care routine. It’s not something that’s specific to a certain time of year, but since we know this time of year we tend to wear clothes that show more skin we’re more aware of our skin’s appearance all over our bodies. The good news is you can create your own exfoliating product to use and kick start your skin’s health and glow before we get into the summer. Try these sugar rub recipes for great skin:

Lime Sugar Rub
We’re willing to bet your skin is a lot drier right now than you would like it to be. Now that we’re officially out of the winter months, we can all use a little added moisturizing benefit to our skin. This particular sugar rub is a great way to get some natural moisturizing elements into your skin WHILE gaining the exfoliating benefits-talk about a win-win, right? All you need is coconut oil (in solid form), white sugar, peppermint oil, and the zest of a lime. Mix all the ingredients together and use on your skin!

Lavender Vanilla Sugar Rub
If you’ve been feeling like your skin has been under stress (or you have yourself) and you want something that’s going to give you a little added relaxation benefit the lavender vanilla sugar rub can be the perfection option for you. To create this all you need is sugar, vitamin E oil (optional), vanilla extract, lavender essential oil, and your choice of oil to use as a base. It’s said that coconut oil, almond oil and/or olive oil work best and have their own unique skin care benefits.

honey scrub

Honey Brown Sugar Rub
Another one of our favorite sugar rubs that’s easy to create and loaded with ingredients that work wonders on helping you achieve glowing skin is this super simple honey brown sugar rub. All you need to create this skin saving scrub is brown sugar, olive oil and honey. It doesn’t get much easier than that, does it?

Green Tea Sugar Rub
Cellulite is a common irritation for women everywhere. If it’s something you’ve been feeling less than thrilled with, we found a sugar rub that’s been found to help minimize the appearance of it! The green tea sugar rub is loaded with incredible benefits for the skin that also happen to be found to reduce the appearance of cellulite. All you need to create this sugar rub is sugar (white or brown), green tea powder, green tea bags, and coconut oil.

To be honest, there are so many incredibly DIY sugar rub recipes that are great for skin it was difficult for us to choose just a few. Hopefully these give you a little inspiration to get started.

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