Try This Moisturizing Nightly Beauty Routine

Try This Moisturizing Nightly Beauty Routine

Keeping your skin moisturized is essential to maintaining healthy skin. Regardless of your skin type-yes, even if you have oily skin-your skin needs moisture in order to be clear, healthy and glowing. That being said, having a healthy moisturizing habit in your beauty routine is worth spending a little extra time focusing on. If you don’t already, many experts suggest having a slightly different beauty routine in the evening versus the morning. Since our skin is resting, and we’re not applying makeup or anything on top of our skin care at night we’re able to really focus in on moisturizing. Ready to step up your moisturizing routine? Try this moisturizing nighttime beauty routine:

Use a Thicker Moisturizer
Of course we can’t forget to talk about the actual moisturizing product you use at night. While you should be using a moisturizer to your skin in your morning beauty routine, since you’re not following up with makeup or any other products at night using a thicker moisturizer at night can be a great way to really step up the moisture in your skin. Using a thicker moisturizer is going to help really lock in the other products you applied to your skin and make sure that your skin is well moisturized as you go to bed in the evening.

Obtain Moisture from a Variety of Sources
Did we get your attention with that title? Generally, we think of moisture in our beauty routine when applying the actual moisturizing product but truthfully you’re able to get moisture (and accelerate it) by adding in other products to your beauty routine as well. Many experts suggest adding in a serum and/or oil to your nighttime beauty routine to step up the moisturizing benefits in your skin. As we said above, your skin is able to take on more moisture during your nighttime beauty routine because you’re asleep and it helps your skin to heal while you rest through the night. Serums and oils are incredible product types for adding major moisture into your skin. Both of these types of products are lightweight, so you want to add them to your skin after you cleanse and tone, but before you apply your moisturizer.

eye cream

Don’t Forget Your Eyes
It’s no secret that our eye area shows signs of aging quicker than the rest of our skin. This is often because the eye area tends to lack moisture and care, in addition to the eye area skin being much more delicate and thin than the rest of the skin. All that to say, stepping up your moisturizing nighttime beauty routine is going to need to include an eye cream. Eye creams are great for adding moisture to the eye area with products that are specifically formulated to work with the skin in that area.

Anytime you’re choosing skin care products to use in your nighttime beauty routine, make sure that you’re focusing on choosing formulas that work with your skin type.

Do you have a nighttime beauty routine that differs from your morning routine?

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