Use of Pearls Throughout History

Use of Pearls Throughout History

Pearls are highly renowned for their beauty. The small, white orbs have a luster unlike anything else. Rotate them in the light, and you will see a range of colors seeming to shine from beneath the surface.

Their beauty has made pearls a top choice for jewelry and other personal adornments, such as hair pins and scepters. But pearls are so versatile that they have been used for a variety of other purposes throughout history.

Artistic Expression
You may think of pearls as small orbs, but that’s not the only shape they can take. Pearl can be worked to take on a variety of forms, and artists have incorporated the beautiful material into their sculptures, paintings and more for thousands of years.

Pearl inlay has been the most popular choice for artistic expression. Small, flat layers of pearl have been included on sarcophagi, triptychs, plaques, chests, and more. The pearl may be included as part of a mosaic design with glass and other precious gems and stones, or it may be added as a luxurious detail among rougher materials, such as stone.

Pearl jewelry has not been the only way that women — and men — used pearl in their fashion. Just as pearls can be strung into a necklace once a small hole is drilled in them, they can also be sewn into the fabric with a needle and thread. Women in multiple cultures throughout thousands of years have worn gowns embroidered with pearls. Roman women in the first century wore gowns that were so heavily decorated in pearls that they actually stepped on them as their hems dragged on the ground.

In early times, pearls were so expensive that only royalty and the very affluent were able to wear them. These days, pearls have become much more affordable, making them accessible to a wider variety of people. However, even a gown encrusted with pearls would be out of reach for many.

Skin Care
Pearls have also been used for skin care. Pearls are crushed up into a fine powder that can be applied directly to the face to provide powerful nutrients that help to fight the signs of aging. The powder can also be applied to oils, honey, and other materials to make a serum or lotion to moisturize the face and fight blemishes.

The same techniques that were used thousands of years ago are still being used today. You can buy bottles of pearl powder to make your own beauty concoctions, or you can buy lotions and other beauty products that already have the pearl powder in them. By using pearl powder regularly, you can create a complexion that is as beautiful as a pearl.

Pearls aren’t just for jewelry. Sure, a beautiful pearl necklace is a classic, and you should always have one in your armoire. But you can also use pearls to create beautiful skin, to accent your fashion, or even to adorn your home with beautiful art.

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