Using a Mini Straightener

Using a Mini Straightener

Flatirons are one of the most wonderful forms of hairstyling technology ever invented. By using one, you can go from straight to wavy, to curly and back to straight any time you like. They were surely inspired by–but thankfully are nothing like those heavy irons women used to use during the 60s and 70s–and into the 80s. Ironing your hair back then meant getting out the clothes iron from the laundry room, setting up an ironing board and laying your locks across the board, where you would iron away. It was a haphazard process, as you couldn’t see what you were doing, and could easily burn your scalp or singe your hair with these irons that weren’t designed with all the safety elements included in today’s flat irons. And then, after all that work, the resulting straightened hair resembled the 80s hair that had been crimped, without the ridges – not a pretty sight. Then comes the flat iron to save the day, and boy, did they ever! Ever since their emergence onto the hair scene, women and men alike have been getting more and more proficient at creating some out of this world hair artistry, with unbelievable techniques and results.

Go Small, and Go Away, With Ease
Just when we thought there was nowhere left to go with flat iron technology–enter in the mini straightener! Lionesse offers the ideal design needed for a mini straightener, in a lovely looking style. There are so many things you can do with the mini straightener that you just can’t do with larger, bulkier flat irons. Everyone should have one of these clever hair styling tools, and while your purse is an excellent place to store yours, it’s really a good idea to have one at home and one at work, too. Maybe even one in the glove compartment of your car, too.

So Versatile and Portable
The Lionesse mini straightener comes in as your best friend when you need to perform a touch-up on the fly, and it’s small enough to be stored discreetly anywhere you need it to be, for quick access. During the day, there are a myriad of environmental conditions that can, over time or suddenly turn the best hairstyle into a disaster. If something like this should happen to you, with the Lionesse mini straighter, you are literally good to go, as in just minutes, no matter where you are, you can pop into a bathroom or similar convenient location and recreate your look–as if you just did it–and you did!

Filling in the Styling Gaps on the Go
It’s ultra sleek, compact and wonderful for a travel companion with plates that heat up quickly and give you all the heat you need for styling your hair, your way. The remarkably even distribution of heat ensures that you produce a professional looking style, and as a finishing touch, you can tame those errant flyaways with a quick once-over of your Lionesse mini straightener. Throughout the day, it makes hairstyle maintenance a breeze! The design is comfortable to grip and easy to use. These specially designed mini plates glide smoothly across your hair, while distributing marvelously even heat for the silkiest and smooth results for your hair.

Ideal Control for Bangs
The Lionesse Mini Straightener is ideal for anyone who has bangs, whether to give a quick refreshing curl to longer bangs, or to regroup bangs that hit above the eyes. This is the perfect solution for women whose hair tends to curl or wave, because it enables them to enjoy bangs! Whenever those bangs begin to show signs of wanting to curl, you can easily put them back in their place with this fun, mini straightener and be good to go. What a wonderful must-have, for every hairstyle, all the time!

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