Using a Wand to Create Party Curls

Using a Wand to Create Party Curls

There are SO many different hair tutorials around teaching us how to create curls using different methods, different tools, etc.  But when a girl just wants to create some fierce party curls, we want to keep it simple and fabulous.  Since we know you don’t want to stress too much about heading out to a party, we’re sharing our favorite tips to creating party curls with a wand – and we’re keeping it easy ladies!  Music to your ears – right?  We thought so.

Have the Right Tools
Like creating any other hair style, you need to make sure you’re prepared with the right tools to achieve your gorgeous curls.  Choose a curling wand in a size that’s consistent with the size curls you want to create.  So if you want tight spiral like curls you’ll want a smaller wand, if you want looser wavy curls you’ll want a wand that’s bigger.  You get the gist.  Next you’re going to need to make sure you have a heat protectant product, great hair spray, and (optional) heat protection glove.  The glove is great if you’re a beginner with the wand and not quite comfortable being glove-less.

Get Your Technique Down
Having the right tools is key, but so is having the right technique in place when creating your hairstyle especially when using a curling wand.  It’s easiest to break your hair up into sections, starting at the nape of the neck and working your way up.  This will allow you to focus on smaller sections of hair at a time.  As you beginning wrapping 1-2” sections of hair around the wand, make sure you’re wrapping the hair around the wand in the direction that’s away from your face.  This will make sure that the curls are going away from your face, rather than towards.  Holding the hair around the wand for a few seconds, then releasing.  Let your hair be until you finish curling your entire head of hair before touching it.  Once you’ve curled your entire head of hair, you can run your fingers a brush or comb through the curls once they’re cooled to loosen them up a bit.  Once you’ve done that spritz your hair with your favorite hair spray.

Extra Tips to Creating Your Look
While using a wand will take a little practice when it comes to getting  your technique down pat, there are a few extra tips we think you should consider when giving it a try.  To avoid having curls that lay oddly on your head, and go too far up to the top of your head it’s best to start the curls around ear level.  This will give you a most natural, softer curled hairstyle look.  Additionally, to make sure you avoid any crimped or frizzed ends is to not take the wand to the very end of your hair but leave the end  straight.  If you do get it curled or crimped you can simply take a flat iron and run it over the ends to soften the ends of your hair.

What tips have you found helpful when using a curling wand?

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