Using the Curler on Short Hair

Using the Curler on Short Hair

Just because you happen to prefer having a short hair cut at the present, there is no reason for you to have to miss out on the cool styles you could add to your style repertoire, simply because your hair isn’t as long as the typical lengths that are used to depict styles you can get using a curling wand. Because you’re starting out with shorter hair, there are a few incidentals that you’ll need to employ, but when you include these short hair details, you can begin to create many more looks for your locks that will have everyone wondering just how you did it.

Prepare Your Hair
With all lengths of hair, the key to getting the heat-styled looks for your hair is to make sure you begin with freshly cleaned hair that is dry and free of products. The exception is a leave-in conditioner, along with a product that is formulated to give your hair extra protection against damage that the direct application of heat styling can produce. By protecting your hair in advance with Lionesse Hair Serum, you’ll help seal moisture into your hair, giving it the most beautiful sheen possible. This amazing product can be applied to hair that’s almost dry or fully dry, by putting on your fingertips and working it into your hair, staying about an inch clear of your scalp and roots. And after you’re done curling your hair, you can add in a bit more, not only for extra shine, but protection against the elements to ensure a longer lasting style, as well as to tame any strays.

Make Sure You Begin the Best Way
Because you will be working with shorter lengths, it’s highly advisable that you wear gloves for this effort. They should be thin enough to not present a deterrent to your ability to articulate precise styling moves, but in addition to allowing your freestyling dexterity, they should be made of a material that can serve as an adequate barrier between your hand and the hot curling barrel. With the advanced design of our Ocean Blue professional curling iron, you have the best possible tool for the job–with its patented instant heat delivery, ensured by impressive tourmaline technology to its unique design of a raised grip assist.

The Success of Your Style Depends on Your Game Plan
Begin by sectioning your hair into suitably sized portions that you can work with, and securely clipping off the rest of your hair to be out of the way. In curling shorter hair, the position of the curling barrel should be vertical, pointed downward. Make sure that your curling wand is at the best temperature to secure each curl, but no hotter. Remember–the hotter your iron, the tighter your curls will be. Assuming you are right-handed, take each section to be curled in your gloved left hand, begin with the hair at the bottom, and work your way upwards. On virtually every style of shorter hair, it’s best to leave the very shortest hair at the baseline alone (uncurled)—particularly the hair against your neck in the back.

Direction Details
It’s important to decide in which direction you want your curls to go. Those beachy waves are typically curled backwards, away from the face on both sides. You’ll want to wrap each strand around the barrel in the same direction, particularly when curling shorter hair. Lift a section to be curled with your gloved hand and holding the wand in your right hand and close to your head, wrap the hair from around an inch or so from the roots, and on outward, till your gloved hand is only holding a minuscule tad of the ends of the strand.

Short-Short Hair
In heat-curling shortest hair strands, it’s helpful to first twist the strand to be curled, which will help you keep the hair section together as you wrap it around the barrel. This hair may not even be long enough to fully wrap around the wand one time, but because of the glove, you can create the curled effect by “bending” as much length as you happen to have around the wand. The very second you remove the wand, kind of “force” this still warm strand into more of a curl, even if a little shot of hairspray helps to accomplish this. Don’t worry about the very tip ends–you don’t want those to be curled, anyway, if you are going for a modern look. Also, keeping the ends uncurled–and with looser appearing curls/waves, you won’t end up losing too much length by adding curls. (There’s not much worse than tightly curling short hair–just imagine.)

The Finish
In examining the degree of curl to each strand as you remove the curling wand, you can add more by giving each strand a little twist while it’s still warm. Otherwise, leave each freshly curled section to cool and move on to the next one. In final styling, you can use molding wax for more control, or go au naturel, but make sure you don’t touch your curls until they are fully cool. Use your fingers to rake through your hair–just enough to produce a nice effect. Give an extra twist to some curls as needed.

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