Wedding Hairstyles We Love

Wedding Hairstyles We Love

Wedding season is in full bloom, and a common trend among weddings this year seems to be the country and vintage inspiration throughout weddings.  Naturally, the bride’s hairstyle is an incredibly important part of the bride’s overall look for her big day.  The great thing about country inspired events is the country vibe brings a little more of a casual twist to the occasion.  There’s something so relaxing and chill about a country style event.  So naturally, the hairstyles that are supporting this type of theme are the same.  Let’s walk through a few of the common features of wedding hairstyles we love that cater to country/vintage inspired themes.

Bouncy Curls
There’s something so timeless and beautiful about big bouncy curls.  A huge trend among hairstyles this season is the bride actually wearing her hair down but in large curls.  The look of hair down adds to that more casual vibe the country theme brings into play, but curling the hair is always special and stunning for a special occasion.

Another big trend in wedding hairstyles for vintage and country themed weddings is adding accessories, most specifically flowers.  Again, there’s something so holistic about flowers in the hair, especially for a wedding.  We’re loving flowers strategically placed throughout the hair, tucked into braids, or even acting as a pin holding a certain portion of hair in place (or at least looking like it’s holding hair in place).

Soft Updos 
There are so many different variations of updo’s possible for a wedding, but when you’re going for a more country or vintage theme it seems the less overly structured the better.  We’re loving the updo’s that are made up of big curls loosely pinned up with a few wispy pieces let loose.  When this look is accessorized with a flower (or other accessories) it takes the look up a huge notch and makes it so special.  Many of these types of looks are not overly hairsprayed or styled, but look timeless.

Bride with braided hair

Braids, Braids, Braids 
Braids are HUGE this season in general for hair, so it’s no surprise we’re seeing a huge braid influence in wedding hairstyles.  Again, braids have always been a consistent trend among the country style so it’s only natural the trend makes its way into the wedding realm.  Braids can be added so many different ways, we really love the gorgeous side braid styles that have been going around.  Once again, with braids adding an accessory takes the braid up to a different level of special.  Braids are such a timeless, classic look that give that more casual or vintage vibe to the bride’s (or bridesmaid) overall look.

Creating a special hairstyle that’s in line with the wedding’s theme doesn’t have to be difficult.  Choose a feature that you’re really drawn to, and talk to your hairstylist about how you can incorporate that into your hair for the big day.  Remember to chat with your stylist about the theme of your wedding, when they know you’re working with a country or vintage theme they can better understand what type of look you’re trying to achieve.

Will you try out any of these hairstyles?

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