What Amy Schumer Taught Us About Body Image

What Amy Schumer Taught Us About Body Image

Amy Schumer is one celeb that has made a massive impact on talking about body image, and sharing her own personal struggles with it.  It’s always refreshing when we hear a celeb stand out to talk about body image in such an open way, because we all see them as they look stunning walking the red carpets and appearing so incredibly confident…it’s easy to forget they’re real human beings with body image struggles just like us.  In honor of body confidence this week, we’re going through what Amy Schumer taught us about body image.

We Don’t Need To Be Overly Thin To Be Beautiful
One of the most incredible things that Amy has come out and discussed is the ideal of women and our sizes.  She’s talked about the immense pressure on women to be incredibly thin, but also made a point to share that she’s not going to conform to those standards and it’s OK to be and look exactly as you are.  Let’s be honest, no one is perfect and it’s pretty bold and inspiring to hear about a celeb that is put under the most pressure to be ‘perfect’ say that she’s NOT and is okay with that.  We’re always hearing celebs talking about their diet secrets and how they stay so thin, but Amy keeps it real proving she’s just like the rest of us  – and we can all celebrate our bodies exactly the way they are.

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Stepping Into Your Power
Just like she’s made powerful statements in regards to her body (and other women’s), she’s also made some pretty remarkable statements on just owning who you are as a person.  It’s no secret that Amy is a powerful, opinionated woman – but she owns that she’s that way.  When Amy made an appearance at the Gloria Awards in 2015 she made a positive statement about just owning who she is, in a really powerful way.  It’s really this type of statement that shows that Amy is determined to make a change in the way women are perceived and helping inspire women to step into their power.  When we really think about it, we can let others take our power and tell us who/what we are or we can step into our own power and tell others who/what we are.  She’s even talked about the fact that while she once let others tell her she shouldn’t weigh more than a certain amount, she’s not going to let that be the judge of her size again.  Pretty powerful, if you ask us – especially in Hollywood!

Don’t Let The Haters Get You Down
Celebrities are always at the forefront of criticism, especially in regards to their appearance, and it seems to be emphasized when you’re opinionated.  Amy is no stranger to the haters, and likely gets comments on a daily basis (thanks to social media).  But instead of letting those hater and negative comments get the best of her, she faces them head on and says thank you (as she’s done on her Instagram account).

Amy Schumer has definitely grown to become an incredibly powerful and inspirational body image role model for women everywhere.  We can’t wait to see what she has in store for us next!

What has Amy Schumer taught you about body image?

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